The Royal Bodyguard. Captain Guy Hubble (David Jason). Image credit: Hat Trick Productions.

The Royal Bodyguard

Sir David Jason stars as newly promoted Royal Protection Officer Captain Guy Hubble, a man unquestionably totally out of his depth

2011 - 2012  (BBC One)
6 (1 series)
David Jason, Geoffrey Whitehead, Timothy Bentinck, Tim Downie
Mark Bussell, Justin Sbresni
Hat Trick Productions
& Busby Productions

The Royal Bodyguard follows the escapades of Captain Guy Hubble, an ex-guardsman who saw action in Cyprus and Northern Ireland. Now Head of Security at Buckingham Palace car park, he is surprisingly appointed as Royal Bodyguard after saving the Queen's life in an act of bravery on the day of the State Opening of Parliament. This is much to the frustration of Hubble's boss Colonel Dennis Whittington, who is desperate to see the back of Hubble and knows only too well about his relentless mishaps.

Hubble takes his new role very seriously but soon manages to upset foreign ambassadors, his colleagues and members of the public as he haphazardly carries out his security checks and takes on personal rescue missions for the Queen and her family. Hubble manages to endanger Royal security repeatedly and on a colossal scale, yet somehow comes up smelling of roses every time.

Our Review: It'd be safe to say that The Royal Bodyguard received a less than positive welcome from television critics, and not a lot warmer from many public commentators. However, after the initial peak of its Christmas season premiere, the series settled down with a healthy regular audience of around 3 million.

The series was an unashamed, ridiculous, larger-than-life comedy packed with plenty of slapstick and some healthy doses of farce. We found it a joy to see Jason wholly immersed in a new comedy role after playing Del Boy for so many years, and to put in such an uncompromising, big, physical performance at that - others, however, found it "embarrassing" that a man in his early 70s should be indulging in such a physical role.

The BBC has opted not to order a second series though, so that is that.