The One.... Lenny Henry. Image credit: British Broadcasting Corporation.

The One...

A series of one off comedy specials for BBC One. Ronnie Corbett, Jasper Carrott, Lenny Henry & Griff Rhys Jones are the stars

The One Ronnie; The One Jasper Carrott; The One Lenny Henry; The One Griff Rhys Jones; The Ones
Sketch Show
2010 - 2012  (BBC One)
4 (1 series)
Ronnie Corbett, Lenny Henry, Jasper Carrott, Griff Rhys Jones
Jason Hazeley, Joel Morris
British Broadcasting Corporation
& Little Britain Productions

The One... sees some of Britain's best entertainers return to the screen to show off what they do best.

In the 2010 Christmas special Ronnie Corbett returned to BBC One to celebrate his 80th birthday. The octogenarian comic legend appeared alongside some of the biggest names in British comedy, in sketches featuring everything from a superannuated super-hero to a stage-struck dog.

Three new episodes were then recorded for broadcast in early 2012, with Jasper Carrott, Lenny Henry and Griff Rhys Jones the comedians getting their own showcase this time.

Our Review: The One Ronnie was perfect family entertainment - some of the sketches and autocue gags were quite old-skool, but there's were couple of really great sketch gems performed in the show (the Blackberry sketch went viral on the internet), and the cast was really top drawer indeed: A-list greatness.

The subsequent three follow-up episodes were more variable in quality. General consensus says Griff Rhys Jones offered the most laughs.