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Series 2 (2010)

1. Quiz

First Broadcast: Fri 9th July 2010

Tom and Roy, anxious about getting old, become determined to win the pub quiz to prove that their minds are still agile.

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2. Triple Date

First Broadcast: Fri 16th July 2010

Tom and Roy are forced to entertain themselves when Sally decides to take herself away for a spa break.

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3. Tom Moves Out

First Broadcast: Fri 23rd July 2010

The day has come for Tom to move out. Roy contemplates life on his own again and Sally decides to focus all of her energies into portrait painting.

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4. Builders

First Broadcast: Fri 30th July 2010

Tom and Roy find themselves with a new lodger, Sally, when a burst pipe forces her to get the builders in. The rivalry between Tom and Roy escalates.

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5. Hospital

First Broadcast: Fri 6th August 2010

A visit to the hospital gives Tom and Roy the perfect excuse to do battle for Sally's affections when she is called in for a knee operation.

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6. Engagement

First Broadcast: Fri 13th August 2010

Tom and Sally get together to organise Amber's big day when Steve proposes, and Roy becomes agony aunt to Steve's pre-wedding nerves.

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