Pilot - Comedy Showcase: Kevin Bishop

Pilot episode of the sketch show. Characters include: the overly clinical R 'n' B singer Dr Usher whose raunchy yet medically accurate songs are hardly conducive to romance, Bruce Parry who takes on more than he can chew when he meets some over-friendly tribesmen on his latest trip to the jungle and the middle-class Hulk who is far too polite to express his internal rage.

In-Depth Episode Synopsis

Warning: the below synopsis may contain spoilers

Full list of sketches:

Pete Docherty and Kate Moss Dance
Griff Rhys Jones - Britain's Favourite Hill
How To Look Naked, With Gordon Ramsey
Ruth Rendell's: The Tackless Twat
Last of the Summer Wine USA
Formula 1
Last of the Summer Wine USA 2
28 Gays Later
Classic Comedy Punchlines Completely Ruined
Fony Playbox Advert
Tribe with Bruce Parry
Ignorance - New Fragrance from Jade Goody Advert
Sadam Hussain At A Party
Tribe 2
Schindler's List II - Electric Boogaloo
OCD Batman
The History of the Spam
Griff Rhys Jones - Britain's Favourite Lake
The Little Amy Winehouse Show
The History of the Spam Part II

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Bully - Simon Cowell Fragrance Advert
Usher's Sex Education Song
Classic Overheard Mobile Conversations
Nigella Express
Doorman Convention
Sports Sponsorship
Fony Playbox Advert 2
News 25 - Dyslexia Outbreak
Masturbation Convention
Vanessa Felts
Griff Rhys Jones - Britain's Favourite Hedge
The Lying Bitch In The Wardrobe
Fony Playbox Advert 3
Gordon Ramsey's midget kitchen
Desperation - Jody Marsh Fragrance
Robbie and Little Robbie
Break-in TV Live
The Middle Class Hulk
Break-in TV Live
News 25 - Canned Laughter Breakout

Episode Notes

Shown as part of Channel 4's 2007 Comedy Showcase season.

First Broadcast Details

Fri 23rd November 2007
Channel 4
30 minutes

Pilot Cast & Crew

Regular Cast
Kevin Bishop (I) ... Various
Jim Howick ... Various
Katie Males ... Various
Oliver Maltman ... Various
Guest Cast
Vanessa Feltz ... Self
Writing Team
Kevin Bishop (I) ... Writer
Lee Hupfield ... Writer
Nico Tatarowicz ... Writer
David Cadji-Newby ... Writer
Andrew Dawson
(as The Dawson Bros)
... Writer
Steve Dawson
(as The Dawson Bros)
... Writer
Tim Inman
(as The Dawson Bros)
... Writer
Tim Allsop ... Writer (Additional Material)
Stewart Williams ... Writer (Additional Material)
Ed Hall ... Writer (Additional Material)
Samantha Martin ... Writer (Additional Material)
Gary Monaghan ... Writer (Additional Material)
Production Team
Elliot Hegarty ... Director
Lee Hupfield ... Producer
Phil Clarke ... Exec Producer
Andrew O'Connor ... Exec Producer
Jonathan Paul Green ... Production Design
Mark Thomas (II) ... Composer
Mark Davies ... Editor

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