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The Green Green Grass

Boycie is on the run from infamous London villains. To help ensure he lives to an old age he moves to the countryside with his family

2005 - 2009  (BBC One)
32 (4 series)
John Challis, Sue Holderness, Jack Doolan, David Ross, Ivan Kaye, Ella Kenion, Peter Heppelthwaite, Alan David, Lisa Diveney, Nigel Harrison, Samantha Sutherland
John Sullivan, Jim Sullivan, Keith R. Lindsay, David Cantor
Shazam Productions

Boycie is on the run from infamous London villains the Driscoll Brothers ("even the Kray twins told them to lighten up"). To help ensure he lives to an old age he ups sticks with his reluctant wife Marlene and more-than-reluctant skateboarding son Tyler to a secluded farm house in Shropshire where he hopes they'll be safe. Unsurprisingly the Boyce family don't immediately fit into their new surroundings.

Our Review: The Green Green Grass was always going to have a tough start - being a spin-off of one of the nation's favourite sitcoms, Only Fools And Horses, brings just a few preconceptions and expectations!

For many OFAH fans, The Green Green Grass is disappointing, but we can't help but feel that the two programmes should be considered as entirely separate entities; all they really share is two characters, and the odd reference to Del, Rodders and the Peckham gang. The two shows are pretty different in terms of style and humour, so established OFAH fans will almost always be a little disappointed, but ignoring its lineage then The Green Green Grass really isn't half bad.

Admittedly some of the jokes are lame, and it isn't the most free flowing of sitcoms; but there are also good lines in the scripts, some great characters (particularly farm manager Elgin), and an interesting backstory and setting not explored previously.

Very much a sitcom aimed at the family, there are jokes for all without being crushingly bland and generic, and so for that we salute it.

According to press reports, The Green Green Grass has now been 'shelved' and thus we are unlikely to see any more new episodes.