That Beryl Marston...!. Georgie Bodley (Julia McKenzie). Image credit: Southern Television.

That Beryl Marston...!

Georgie and Gerry Bodley's life was going well - until he left her for Sussex sex strumpet Beryl Marston. But now he wants his ex-wife back

1981  (ITV)
6 (1 series)
Julia McKenzie, Gareth Hunt, Jonathon Morris, Jayne Stevens, Peter John
Jan Butlin
Southern Television

Phil Bodley comments to-camera as he tries to engineer his newly-divorced parents, Georgie and Gerry, back together. The latter, his father, had an affair with "sex godess" Beryl Marston, and although the divorce has only just been finalised he is keen to win Georgie back. She isn't sure what she wants, and struggles to cope with being a newly-single mother of two and running her own business, a small shop, albeit with the help of gay best friend Harvey.

Our Review: That Beryl Marston...! is one of those shows which isn't brilliant - not even that funny most of the time - but which we can't really find anything specific to criticise.

The gay character isn't too much of a stereotype, the son's to-camera leading of the show is a change from the sitcom norm, clich├ęs are relatively few, and the central premise is a little different from most family-based sitcoms, even those which feature divorce as a theme.

All in all, don't expect to be rolling in the aisles, but the series is a good, light watch which would suit almost every age of viewer.