Teenage Kicks. Image shows from L to R: Bryan (Mark Arden), Milly (Laura Aikman), Vernon (Adrian Edmondson), Max (Ed Coleman), David (Jonathan Chan-Pensley). Image credit: Phil McIntyre Entertainment.

Teenage Kicks

ITV sitcom starring Adrian Edmondson as Vernon, a middle-aged man who moves in with his kids following a spectacularly nasty divorce

2008  (ITV)
8 (1 series)
Adrian Edmondson, Laura Aikman, Ed Coleman, Jonathan Chan-Pensley, Mark Arden
Adrian Edmondson, Nigel Smith
Phil McIntyre Entertainment

Following a spectacularly nasty divorce, Vernon (Adrian Edmondson) moves in with his teenage kids. A rebel in his youth (or so he thinks), he is genuinely excited about living in their student flat, seeing this new found freedom as an opportunity to 'get down with the kids' and be young and reckless again.

Naturally, his kids, Max (Ed Coleman) and Milly (Laura Aikman), and their Chinese flatmate David (Jonathan Chan-Pensley), are mortified.

Our Review: The first ten minutes from the debut episode of this sitcom were absolutely dire - nothing worked. The jokes felt forced, the loud laughter from the audience distracted, and the actors looked ill at ease.

Strangely as the episode progressed we found ourselves beginning to enjoy this comedy though. OK, the jokes were very basic - straight out of the old skool sitcom writing manual in fact - however the show was still fun despite this.

As the episodes progressed it didn't take long for our enjoyment to wear out though - there's only so long one can tolerate lazy jokes and wooden acting. It remains to be seen whether Teenage Kicks will be back for a second series, but our guess is we won't be seeing it again.