Taking The Flak - Production Details

Taking The Flak. Image shows from L to R: Rory Wallace (Damian O'Hare), Jane Thomason (Doon Mackichan). Image credit: British Broadcasting Corporation.

"Comedy drama following a team of journalists in a war zone who are in a state of perpetual danger, not just from bombs... but each other too"

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Comedy Details
Comedy Type:TV Comedy Drama
Alternate Names:The Calais Rules (Working Title)
Broadcast:Wed 8th July 2009 - Wed 19th August 2009  (BBC2)
Episode Count:7 (1 series)
Production Company :British Broadcasting Corporation
Filming Locations:The pilot (episode 1) was filmed in Kenya, in January 2007. The series episodes (2-7) were filmed in Arusha in Tanzania in August, September and October 2008.
Laugh Track:NO, Laugh Track Free
Regular Cast
Martin Jarvis ... David Bradburn
Doon Mackichan ... Jane Thomason
Bruce Mackinnon ... Harry Chambers
Joanna Brookes ... Margaret Hollis
Damian O'Hare ... Rory Wallace
Lydiah Gitachu ... Grace Matiko
Lucy Chalkley ... Samantha Cunningham Fleming
Harry Lloyd ... Alexander Taylor-Pierce (Desk Producer)
Kobna Holdbrook-Smith ... Joyful Sifuri
Writing Team
Tira Shubart ... Writer
Jon Rolph ... Writer
Production Team
Jon Rolph ... Director
Adam Miller ... Director
Tira Shubart ... Producer
Jon Rolph ... Producer
Jon Plowman ... Exec Producer
Georgina Millett ... Production Design
David Lowe ... Composer
William Webb ... Editor

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