Take A Letter Mr. Jones...

John Inman stars as Graham Jones, the male personal secretary to a divorced female company executive

1981  (ITV)
6 (1 series)
John Inman, Rula Lenska, Gina Maher, Joan Blackham, Christine Ozanne, Miriam Margolyes, Claudine Bowyer, Allan Mitchell
Ronald Wolfe, Ronald Chesney
Southern Television

Rula Lenska is Joan Warner, a senior executive at Eight Star International, and John Inman her male secretary, Graham Jones.

Mr. Jones takes care of her at work, and increasingly often at home; Ms. Warner's mad Italian maid rarely manages to handle her daughter, Lucy!

Our Review: This classic role-reversal sitcom is, perhaps inevitably, of a very 'old-school' style of humour. Riotous, camp, outlandish - all the ingredients one would expect from a sitcom of this era.

For fans of this type of comedy - very much in the vein of George & Mildred, Are You Being Served? and Terry & June - it's a very enjoyable watch, but those not so keen might struggle to raise more than the odd titter. Subtle and inventive, it sure ain't.