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Series 2 (2014)

1. The Curse Of The Were-Teacher

First Broadcast: Tue 29th April 2014

When a career assessment comes out with the result of teacher for Mitchell, he is understandably horrified and determined to change his fate.

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2. Invasion Of The Templetons

First Broadcast: Tue 6th May 2014

When Templeton's Science Fair attempt to blast into the cosmos backfires, he accidentally instigates a full-blown alien invasion - by aliens that seem remarkably familiar and have come to pay homage to the creator of the Universe... Templeton?!

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3. The 101% Solution

First Broadcast: Tue 13th May 2014

Mitchell must pass the 'Hardest Maths Assignment Ever'. He cheats and ends up earning the mythical grade of 101%, breaking maths, and the world as we know it in the process. The kids' only hope in fixing this is a boy genius who was frozen years ago and has not been properly defrosted.

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4. Little School Of Horrors

First Broadcast: Tue 20th May 2014

Becky, Mitchell and Templeton stumble upon a dilapidated greenhouse with one lone plant struggling for life.

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5. Big Templeton Is Watching You!

First Broadcast: Tue 27th May 2014

A new school security system is installed - and the cameras seem to record what happens in the future. When Templeton becomes security monitor and goes mad with this incredible, all-seeing power, the very existence of Strange Hill is threatened.

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6. Crushing Embarrassment

First Broadcast: Tue 3rd June 2014

It is April Fools' Day and Mitchell is pranking in overdrive. Before too long he has pranked everyone and unleashed a dormant beast of embarrassment that lives under the school. Mitchell must save his friends - and Tyson - from 'The Embarrassment's' disgusting lair by going toe to toe in a shameful game show.

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7. Mitchell Who?

First Broadcast: Tue 10th June 2014

Mitchell accidentally erases himself from history after deleting his school record. At first his anonymity is fun but when his friends forget him and he starts to disappear he calls on Samia, the one person who can remember him, to help reboot his existence.

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8. Innercrombie

First Broadcast: Tue 17th June 2014

It's Valentine's Day and while attempting to sabotage Abercrombie's zero tolerance to romance, the trio discover a portal to the inside the head's head. What at first seems like the best thing ever soon turns into a nightmare as the bullies gain control of the headmaster. The only way to stop them is to test the old adage - the heart rules the head.

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9. Ken Kong

First Broadcast: Tue 24th June 2014

During a swimming test in the middle of winter in the dreaded Strange Hill swimming pool, the kids discover a mysterious paradise island in the middle of the pool.

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10. Mitchell Junior

First Broadcast: Tue 1st July 2014

When Mitchell is issued a strange simulation baby doll to teach him responsibility, his first reaction is to bin it. But it keeps coming back and he soon realises that the doll is alive. From apathy to panic, and finally to parenthood, Mitchell soon appreciates that having Mitchell Junior around might not be so bad after all.

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11. The MCDXX Men

First Broadcast: Tue 8th July 2014

Mitchell, Becky and Templeton discover a 15th Century band of superheroes in the school's basement. Unfortunately, they release Ye Olde Righteousness League's arch-nemesis...

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12. The Snide Piper

First Broadcast: Tue 15th July 2014

With the annual Strange Hill spring festival approaching, Mitchell drives the music teacher mad and the kids get a mysterious new teacher who may have a much deeper connection to the ancient festival than they realise.

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Christmas Special: A Strange Hill Christmas

First Broadcast: Mon 15th December 2014

As Mitchell attempts to escape school and bring his Christmas holidays to an early start, the entirety of the staff and students become locked inside.

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