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Series 1 (2002)

1. Flittin'

First Broadcast: Sun 1st September 2002

Eager to escape his neighbours from Hell, Jack decides it's time to relocate to a more salubrious part of Craiglang. Could the death of Victor's neighbour be Jack's chance to live the high life in Osprey Heights?

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2. Faimly

First Broadcast: Sun 15th September 2002

Victor's family are planning a long-overdue visit. The spare room's ready; the question is: will they show up? Meanwhile, Winston's only got one thing on his mind - gigot chops.

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3. Cauld

First Broadcast: Sun 8th September 2002

It's a winter of discontent for the boys, the pavements are like an ice rink and the wind would take the face off you. Jack is chittering but Victor refuses to switch on the electric fire. So why is their pal Winston turning up the heat?

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4. Courtin

First Broadcast: Sun 22nd September 2002

There's no fool like an old fool and Jack is head over heels with the dazzler who works behind the counter in his local charity shop. Victor is less than bowled over when her not quite so attractive sister turns up for a double date with a difference.

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5. Waddin

First Broadcast: Sun 6th October 2002

It's the society do of the year, a lavish wedding organised by Navid from the corner shop. Jack and Victor are desperate to get their hands on a precious invite. But there's a shock in store for the old boys when they receive a visit from beyond the grave.

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6. Scones

First Broadcast: Sun 29th September 2002

It's all go in Craiglang. Winston's had his benefit money stopped, Isa's husband has returned out of the blue, and Jack and Victor have caught the competition bug. They're all due a streak of luck, but who'll come up smiling?

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