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The last episode ran almost two years ago and now the broadcaster has confirmed to Chortle that 'there are currently no plans to bring back the series.'

Chortle, 9th October 2015

Almost by stealth, this vaguely satirical, topical stand-up showcase has made it to a fifth series. Functioning as a sort of halfway-house testing ground between Mock the Week and Have I Got News for You, it's seen a surprisingly illustrious stream of light-entertainment talent pass through its doors.

Jack Whitehall, Kevin Bridges, Patrick Kielty and Rich Hall have all made appearances before moving on; this time Paul Chowdhry takes over hosting duties while regulars Seann Walsh and Josh Widdicombe are joined by newbies Simon Evans, Romesh Ranganathan and Angela Barnes in sticking the boot into the week's news. Decent post-pub fun, if you're in the market for that sort of thing.

Phil Harrison, Time Out, 1st November 2013

Wherein the week is thoroughly mocked standing up rather than sitting down behind a desk, and in an even more ranty fashion. Paul Chowdhry takes over from Jon Richardson as the host for this series of the topical comedy show, taking the week's events and handing them off to comics for lampoonery. Regulars Seann Walsh and Josh Widdecombe return, this week joined by furrowed comic Simon Evans, former maths teacher Romesh Ranganathan and Russell Howard regular Angela Barnes.

Ben Arnold, The Guardian, 1st November 2013

This amusing stand-up showcase returns for its fourth series. Host Jon Richardson heads up a team of fellow comedians Seann Walsh, Josh Widdicombe, Sara Pascoe, Paul Chowdhry and new member Andrew Lawrence. They take it in turns to do a spot of stand-up on the stage of London's Clapham Grand, taking an alternative look (which mostly means they swear sometimes) at the events of the week.

Catherine Gee, The Daily Telegraph, 26th April 2012

Jon Richardson talks about the new series of Stand Up For The Week.

Written by Mayer Nissim. Digital Spy, 2nd November 2011

Having sold nearly 300,000 copies of his debut stand-up DVD "The Story So Far", Kevin Bridges has found himself jumping headfirst into the comedy big league. Following his success on Live At The Apollo and Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow, the Scottish funnyman has now landed his own gig fronting Channel 4's Stand Up For The Week. We caught up with him to find out what we can expect.

Written by Alex Fletcher. Digital Spy, 11th March 2011

Making my way to meet Kevin Bridges at a West End pub in Glasgow at 10am, I feared the worst.

Written by Rick Fulton. The Daily Record, 5th March 2011

Stand Up For The Week is the first regular show I've done and it's straight stand-up - I wanted my first regular TV thing to be stand-up.

Metro, 4th March 2011

Kevin Bridges has signed up to host the new series of Stand Up For The Week.

Written by Catriona Wightman. Digital Spy, 25th January 2011

The Stand Up For The Week regular admits that the right vehicle has yet to pull up, and is refreshingly honest about her TV success to date.

Written by Si Hawkins. British Comedy Guide, 26th September 2010

Most men would be happy to be seen with a gorgeous and willowy blonde on their arm. But for some reason, Patrick Kielty didn't look too impressed to be caught on camera as he was snapped out with his girlfriend in London last night.

Written by Georgina Littlejohn. The Daily Mail, 25th July 2010

I just watched an episode of Stand Up For The Week. Clearly I have some sado-masochistic tendencies that I was never previously aware of.

Written by James W Smith. Chortle, 21st July 2010

Stand Up For The Week has been a throughly refreshing addition to our telly boxes over the past six weeks or so.

Written by Tommy Holgate. The Sun, 20th July 2010

If you didn't know any better you would think that live comedy around the UK was as unimaginative as its TV counterpart.

Written by Harry Deansway. The Fix, 9th July 2010

Patrick Kielty MCs more topical, edgy humour tonight from Rich Hall, Jack Whitehall, Andi Osho and Kevin Bridges. And another masochistic celebrity guest braves The Chair - the 21st century equivalent of the stocks. Except, instead of being pelted with rotten fruit and veg, they're subjected to a tsunami of verbal abuse that stops just short of having their head pushed down the toilet.

This week it's Peter Shilton, who'll be hoping for an easier ride than Lembit Opik got last week. Don't be fooled by Kielty's blandly angelic appearance. This isn't the same Patrick Kielty who fronted Fame Academy, Love Island and The National Lottery's Big Ticket. The Patrick Kielty on this show is his ruder, cruder and utterly merciless identical evil twin.

Jane Simon, The Mirror, 2nd July 2010

Overall, Stand Up For The Week is tough to fault because it's just pure standup comedy and the turnaround of guests and news will undoubtedly keep it fresh. It doesn't offer much in the way of unique elements (unless you count the fact there's a video-screen behind the comedians, which they can use to show things visually), and I suppose breakout success will only come if it manages to find a comedian, or two, who somehow capture the zeitgeist.

Written by Dan Owen. Dan's Media Digest, 26th June 2010

Forget picture rounds, point scoring and clever puns - this blisteringly funny comedy goes straight for the jugular with a team of stand-ups letting rip on the news and sailing as close to the wind as the lawyers allow.

The most extraordinary segment sees host Patrick Kielty verbally cremating Lembit Opik, who is this week's guest in a spot called 'The Chair'.

For what must be the longest two minutes in Opik's life he's abused by Kielty, who probably can't believe he's not being hit. Opik meekly takes it but then 'The Chair' is the only seat he's likely to be offered for the forseeable.

Also appearing are Jack Whitehall, Rich Hall, Kevin Bridges, Andi Osho and Brendon Burns. On the strength of this first show, SUFTW makes HIGNFY look like a doddery old uncle.

Jane Simon, The Mirror, 25th June 2010

Strangely, tvBite is forever sticking up for Patrick Kielty. Yes, he's not the greatest stand-up ever - but honestly, he's one of the nicest men in showbiz. He told us on the phone that this show will be genuinely edgy and great post-pub entertainment. Hmmm. Rich Hall is a regular, which is a good sign. But so is Jack Whitehall, which really, really isn't. He promised that "people like Jerry Sadowitz" would get guest spots too, though we'll believe that when we see it.

tvBite, 25th June 2010

Good to see more topical stand-up on telly... this time Patrick Kielty is at the helm, with a regular team of stand-ups, including veteran Rich Hall plus rising stars Jack Whitehall, Andi Osho and Kevin Bridges, riffing off the week's news and subjecting celebrity guests to a roasting in front of a live audience at Koko in Camden. Hopefully the late-night slot means no taboo is left untouched.

Metro, 25th June 2010

Patrick Kielty hosts a spikey new stand-up show that is not, we repeat - NOT, anything like Mock The Week. Each week stand up comedians provide a satirical view on the week's news in the show which is recorded in front of a live studio audience (we repeat - not like Mock The Week). Oh wait a minute there's weekly celebrity appearances. Told you. Nothing like Mock The Week., 25th June 2010

Patrick Kielty, 39, is hosting new comedy show Stand Up For The Week...

Written by Andrew Williams. Metro, 24th June 2010

"Ignore the press release about it being no-holds barred," its host Patrick Kielty says casually. "If you say you're going to be outrageous, the typical reaction is, 'Yeah? How f***ing outrageous?'. We're out to be funny, not to shock."

Chortle, 22nd June 2010

Patrick Kielty says "Of course, the pressure is on with Stand Up For The Week. This will be a proper review of the week and it's scary for everyone because we can't prep it, rehearse it and polish it."

Written by Steve Hendry. The Daily Record, 20th June 2010

It looks like the coke's on you, Jack (and it's nothing to laugh about).

Written by Jane Atkinson. News of the World, 20th June 2010

Six-part series Stand Up For The Week to air on Friday nights with regular standups including Rich Hall and Jack Whitehall.

Written by Mark Sweney. The Guardian, 14th June 2010