Shameless - Series Eleven (DVD)

Shameless - Series Eleven Welcome back to Manchester's most notorious estate for the last ever epic 14-part series.

Shameless is as celebratory, defiant and unapologetic as ever. With the hilarious energy of the stalwarts thriving in the double dip recession - always a law unto themselves, always with family at their core, living in their robust micro climate.

The final series goes out with a bang when Jamie Maguire (Aaron McCusker) discovers he isn't a pure blood Maguire and introduces the estate to his Muslim half-brother Kassi (Jalaal Hartley) and his Jewish cooking mad wife Esther (Isy Suttie) as they disembark on the estate with their three feral children in tow.

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Release Date: 2nd September 2013   Product Type: Region 2 DVD (4 discs)   Distributor: 4DVD

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