Scallywagga. Image shows from L to R: Luke Gell, Beverly Rudd, Sally Lindsay, Christopher Brett, Steve Edge, Stefan Gumbs, Rachel Rae, Carl Rice, Catherine Tyldesley. Image credit: British Broadcasting Corporation.


A northern sketch show performed by up-and-coming young comedy actors, plus established veterans Sally Lindsay and Steve Edge

Spacehopper (Pilot)
Sketch Show
2007 - 2010  (BBC Three)
13 (pilot + 2 series)
Carl Rice, Jessica Hall, Luke Gell, Joanna Higson, Stefan Gumbs, Lena Kaur, Scott Taylor, Curtis Cole, Sally Lindsay, Steve Edge, Neil Fitzmaurice & more
Stuart Kenworthy, Lee Cain, David Isaac, David Cadji-Newby, Nico Tatarowicz
British Broadcasting Corporation

A fast-paced and innovatively immature comedy sketch show giving air time to some rising comedy talent. The young actors are aided by established stars Sally Lindsay and Steve Edge (plus Neil Fitzmaurice in Series 1).

Characters include Asbo PIN, who has an uncanny knack of predicting people's PIN numbers; pastry-obsessed Gregs Girl; a nude policeman; a timid teacher; and Adrian, whose parents resort to increasingly bizarre measures to disown him.