Roger & Val Have Just Got In - Production Details

Roger & Val Have Just Got In. Image shows from L to R: Val Stevenson (Dawn French), Roger Stevenson (Alfred Molina). Image credit: British Broadcasting Corporation.

"Bleak real-time sitcom about a married couple who have been married for over 20 years. Stars Dawn French and Alfred Molina"

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Comedy Details
Comedy Type:TV Sitcom
Broadcast:Fri 6th August 2010 - Wed 14th March 2012  (BBC2)
Episode Count:12 (2 series)
Production Company :British Broadcasting Corporation
Filming Locations:Filmed at Wimbledon Studios.
Soundtrack:The closing music is Come Softly To Me by The Fleetwoods.
Laugh Track:NO, Laugh Track Free
Regular Cast
Dawn French ... Val Stevenson
Alfred Molina ... Roger Stevenson
Writing Team
Dawn French ... Creator
Emma Kilcoyne ... Writer
Beth Kilcoyne ... Writer
Production Team
Jamie Rafn ... Director (Series 1)
Mandie Fletcher ... Director (Series 2)
Pete Thornton (I) ... Producer (Series 1)
Jon Plowman ... Producer (Series 2)
Hugo Blick ... Exec Producer
Mark Freeland ... Exec Producer
Brian Sykes ... Production Design
Adam Bokey ... Editor (Series 1)
Jake Bernard ... Editor (Series 2)
Dawn French ... Associate Producer
Other Cast / Crew
Lucy Lumsden ... Commissioner
Janice Hadlow ... Commissioner

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