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Fame and Fortune: Craig Charles speaks of his journey from an impoverished boyhood in Liverpool to splashing out £25,000 on a Rolls-Royce - simply to impress his future wife, and being paid half the money one of his Red Dwarf co-stars was getting.

Written by Lorraine McBride. The Daily Telegraph, 15th February 2015

You might remember a couple of years ago when we were totally thinking of your well-being and brought you some Downton Abbey-themed Valentines that you could download and fire off via e-mail like you had been planning this for months. Unfortunately, these are no longer available on the Internets, but we have the perfect replacement, thanks to the great minds over at 'the Small Rouge One', Red Dwarf.

Written by Bill Young. Tellyspotting, 14th February 2015

Danny John-Jules has revealed that the Red Dwarf cast are to meet up next week.

Written by Tom Eames. Digital Spy, 11th December 2014

BBC Two is in the middle of a 50 year retrospective of it's greatest hits. So far one of their greatest hits stands out rather awkwardly for being totally ignored. It was on BBC Two for 10 years from 1988 to 1998. Anyway, now we're on Dave and it's much nicer.

Written by Robert Llewellyn. 19th April 2014

Red Dwarf will reportedly return to Dave in autumn 2015.

Written by Morgan Jeffery. Digital Spy, 10th April 2014

It often feels like only a few weeks ago that I first started working on Red Dwarf. As this picture of the cast taken at a recent convention shows, I am merely experiencing a fluctuation in the time/space continuum.

Written by Robert Llewellyn. 8th April 2014

It's not a sentence that you hear every day - "Excuse me, I must go and get rubberised" - except in certain Soho clubs. Or if you are visiting the Red Dwarf set at Shepperton Studios and talking to Robert Llewellyn, who plays the valet Kryten, the latex-faced mechanoid in the cult science-fiction sitcom.

Written by Bruce Dessau. Beyond the Joke, 10th January 2014

Here, Barrie and Charles talk about their acting careers, the panel show Space Cadets, their time on Red Dwarf, favourite moments, 'challenges' on set and returning for Series X in 2012.

Written by Andrew Dipper. Giggle Beats, 14th October 2013

It will have taken 274 days since the tenth series premiered on Dave in the UK on 4 October 2012, but the inhabitants of Red Dwarf, the mining spaceship owned by the Jupiter Mining Corporation, will finally make their way to the the States for the premiere of Red Dwarf X on KERA Channel 13, the PBS affiliate in North Texas beginning Saturday, July 6, 2013 at 10:00pm.

Written by Bill Young. Tellyspotting, 22nd June 2013

Coronation Street and Red Dwarf star Craig Charles has spoken out about the possibility of becoming the first black Doctor Who, saying he thinks it would be 'cool'.

Metro, 18th June 2013

Red Dwarf has I believe managed to straddle the border between serious or at least semi-serious sci-fi and comedy, without totally sliding over onto either side.

Written by Deryck O'Byrne. What Culture, 7th May 2013

Robert Llewellyn, who plays Kryten in Red Dwarf, is set to re-release a memoir of his time spent working on the cult sci-fi series.

Written by Tim Clark. Such Small Portions, 14th March 2013

It might be hard to believe, but today marks the 25th anniversary of Red Dwarf. So now seems like a good time to list our picks for the sci-fi sitcom's best ever outings.

Written by Morgan Jeffery. Digital Spy, 15th February 2013

15 February is definitely a day to celebrate if you love British telly. Twenty-five years ago on that fateful day in 1988, the creation from the mind palace of Rob Grant and Doug Naylor which introduced the world to the remaining on-board inhabitants of a mining spaceship owned and operated by the Jupiter Mining Corporation, became a reality with the premiere broadcast of Red Dwarf.

Written by Bill Young. Tellyspotting, 15th February 2013

Jake enjoyed a brief chat with Red Dwarf's Danny John-Jules about playing The Cat, BBC drama Death in Paradise, and more...

Written by Jake Laverde. Den of Geek, 15th January 2013

Smoke us a kipper, it was back for a tenth series. Just when we though Kryten, Rimmer, Lister and Cat had been consigned to a great big TV dustbin in space, UKTV's Dave saved and rebooted the sci-fi sitcom. The show may be 24 years old, but thanks to a return to studio audience filming, back-to-basics plots and set-ups and a refreshed cast that looked like they were having a ball, Dwarf was back to its early-'90s pomp. Admitting you're a fan of the show is still about as cool as wearing granny's knitted Christmas jumper, but we're smegheads and we're proud. Roll on series 11.

Digital Spy, 14th December 2012

A poem based on 'Twas the Night Before Christmas about Red Dwarf.

Written by Bill Young. Tellyspotting, 13th December 2012

Digital Spy caught up with the Cat himself, Danny John-Jules, to take a look back on Series X of Red Dwarf.

Written by Emma Dibdin. Digital Spy, 30th November 2012

Actor Craig Charles talks to Metro about what lessons he's learned in showbiz, his new soul music compilation album and why he is surprised by the success of Red Dwarf.

Written by Andrew Williams. Metro, 28th November 2012

Mark selects the top ten of Red Dwarf's episodic characters, with some help from Queeg, Mr Flibble and Duane Dibley...

Written by Mark Williams. Den of Geek, 27th November 2012

Given some recent comments from creator/writer, Doug Naylor, and several inhabitants of the 'small rouge one', it looks like things are leaning decidedly more in favor of another series of Red Dwarf becoming a distinct possibility in the not-too-distant future.

Written by Bill Young. Tellyspotting, 26th November 2012

Red Dwarf X sees the boys back on form and is the perfect home viewing for nostalgia fans.

Written by Sharon Lougher. Metro, 23rd November 2012

The Coronation Street star says he might need more time off from the soap soon after the success of the sci-fi comedy's tenth series - "If things are meant to be, they happen".

Written by David Brown. The Radio Times, 20th November 2012

Pete gives a well-deserved Rimmer salute to Red Dwarf X, and crosses his fingers for Red Dwarf XI...

Written by Pete Dillon-Trenchard. Den of Geek, 19th November 2012

The last episode of the buffed and polished tenth series. BBC bosses must be wondering which buffoon decided that they didn't want another series, because the latest outing has been the sci-fi comedy's finest since its early '90s pomp. Smegging ace.

Alex Fletcher, Digital Spy, 10th November 2012

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