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Series I (1988)

1. The End

First Broadcast: Mon 15th February 1988

Dimwitted third-class space ship technician Dave Lister is dumbstruck to find that, after what was supposed to be an 18-month punishment in stasis (suspended animation), he has woken up some 3 million years later, a radiation leak having long killed his Red Dwarf colleagues and left him as the last human being.

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2. Future Echoes

First Broadcast: Mon 22nd February 1988

As the ship accelerates toward light speed in the readiness for the 3,000,000 year journey back in the other direction, toward Earth, peculiar things start happening. How can Cat be in two places at once? Holly's got some explaining to do - about something he terms 'future echoes'.

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3. Balance Of Power

First Broadcast: Mon 29th February 1988

Sickened to the last by Rimmer's toe-curlingly officious, petty nature - particularly galling considering he's the only actual human alive - Lister resolves to improve his standing on the ship and become the superior crew member.

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4. Waiting For God

First Broadcast: Mon 7th March 1988

Whilst Rimmer preoccupies himself with an unidentified object that Holly has tracked and brought aboard the ship, Lister is in equal measure distraught and amazed to discover that owing to a few horrible misunderstandings all those millennia ago, he is the cat god Cloister.

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5. Confidence & Paranoia

First Broadcast: Mon 14th March 1988

Venturing up to the Officer's Deck to feel closer to Kochanski, Lister is unaware that Rimmer has not yet de-contaminated the area, and catches a particularly virulent, 3-million-year-evolved strain of pneumonia. It's not long before he's hallucinating; and the hallucinations take on solid, physical form!

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6. MeĀ²

First Broadcast: Mon 21st March 1988

With two holograms now walking around the ship Rimmer moves in with himself, leaving Lister in sweet peace and tranquility. It's not long, however, before even Rimmer's grown sick of living with Rimmer.

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