Queenie's Castle - Production Details

Queenie's Castle. Queenie Shepherd (Diana Dors). Image credit: Yorkshire Television.

"Queenie Shepherd is the self-styled ruler of Buckingham Flats and any dissenters will find plenty of trouble from her and her three sons"

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Comedy Details
Comedy Type:TV Sitcom
Broadcast:Thu 5th November 1970 - Tue 5th September 1972  (ITV)
Episode Count:18 (3 series)
Production Company :Yorkshire Television
Laugh Track:YES, Live Audience
Title Screen
Queenie's Castle. Image credit: Yorkshire Television.
Regular Cast
Diana Dors ... Queenie Shepherd
Tony Caunter ... Jack Shepherd
Barrie Rutter ... Douglas Fairbanks Shepherd
Freddie Fletcher ... Raymond Shepherd
Brian Marshall ... Bernard 'Bunny' Shepherd
Lynne Perrie ... Mrs. Petty
Antony Baird ... Policeman (Series 1)
Bryan Mosley ... Landlord (Series 1-2)
Writing Team
Keith Waterhouse ... Creator
Willis Hall ... Creator
Keith Waterhouse ... Writer
Willis Hall ... Writer
Production Team
Graham Evans ... Director (Series 1)
Ian Davidson (I) ... Director (Series 2-3)
Graham Evans ... Producer (Series 1)
Ian Davidson (I) ... Producer (Series 2-3)
John Duncan ... Exec Producer (Series 1-2)
Mike Long ... Production Design
Tim Ritson ... Editor

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