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Lydia Fallon caught up with half of the fact-finding foursome to chat about the revolution of the geeks...

Written by Lydia Fallon. Cambridge News, 19th November 2015

John spoke candidly about Stephen Fry's departure ("an iconic figure") and the origins of the series.

Written by Anton Savage. Today FM, 10th November 2015

Comedian Susan Calman hyperventilates at the prospect of this week's topic: maths. "I'm phobic about maths," she wails to a sympathetic Stephen Fry, who guides her gently through a maths-based limerick. Future host Sandi Toksvig (who takes over next series, after Fry's retirement), however, thinks maths can be "beautiful". During a jolly episode where Alan Davies is outnumbered there to one by female contestants (including comedian Aisling Bea), we learn the difference between an anagram and an aptagram, and ponder whether rhesus monkeys can count.

Alison Graham, The Radio Times, 10th November 2015

The most impressive member of the panel was Cariad Lloyd and her "organs of matrimonial necessity".

Written by Ian Wolf. On The Box, 8th November 2015

We've remade the rest, now let's remake the best. QI is the British television show that America needs - and if there's one thing we know about America, it's if we need something, we take it.

Written by Esther Inglis-Arkell. io9, 3rd November 2015

There is one big problem with this week's episode of QI: the XL extended repeat is not being shown until next week. The XL versions always end up being moved about for some bizarre reason. This time around it is to make room for one-off drama The Dresser. The thing is that as Children in Need is coming up, QI will be skipping a week anyway, so why not put The Dresser on during the weekend when there is no QI? Awful piece of scheduling.

Written by Ian Wolf. On The Box, 31st October 2015

The recent news of long-time host Stephen Fry's unexpected departure from QI casts a pall over this series, even though Sandi Toksvig will surely be a fine replacement.

Still, until he finally leaves there's plenty of fun to be had this week in the realm of M-themed places, including a country pronounced "Made-up-a-roo-rah", which the guests have to try and identify as real or fake (harder than you might think).

From an inspired riff by David Mitchell and Alan Davies on rather rudely named areas of the UK to a tirade about mangoes from newcomer Sami Shah, it's a timely reminder of why Fry's 13-year tenure on the series has been such a delight. Gosh, we'll be sad to see him go.

Huw Fullerton, The Radio Times, 30th October 2015

Series M of QI opens with A Medley of Maladies. Not much has changed apart from Stephen Fry's hair thickening up well. And yet, changes are on the 21st century-horizon for the show. Fry is stepping down after thirteen years of hosting, and Sandi Toksvig is taking control of the quizzical helm.

Written by Frances Roe. The Student Newspaper, 28th October 2015

Based on this episode, QI will definitely benefit from some of the extra female energy it'll get when Sandi Toksvig takes over. Upon given a question about historical attitudes to the private parts of women, an exasperated Cariad Lloyd is forced to educate her clueless male co-panellists (and host Stephen Fry) in a little anatomy that leaves them all squirming in their chairs like schoolboys.

As she comments, they've never looked more terrified - not even when they earlier learnt about the radioactive secrets that used to lurk inside children's breakfast cereals...

Huw Fullerton, The Radio Times, 27th October 2015

As one of this week's guests was Jimmy Carr I was expecting the latest edition of QI to be rather smutty: gladly, it turns out I was wrong. In fact, this episode was a lot better than I was expecting.

Written by Ian Wolf. On The Box, 25th October 2015

Unlike the cautious host we saw on Have I Got News For You, Clarkson was back in his element on QI - once again seemingly entirely comfortable with his status as PC pariah says Ed Power.

Written by Ed Power. The Daily Telegraph, 23rd October 2015

With the sudden announcement this week that Stephen Fry would be leaving QI after this series, it feels right to have a look this current series, and try to figure out what we can expect to stay and to go when Sandi Toksvig takes over next year. If anything were to be kept from this episode, it would be Matt Lucas. It was his first time on the show and he did very well.

Written by Ian Wolf. On The Box, 18th October 2015

Judging from this episode QI may certainly survive when Sandi Toksvig takes over, but it will be a different animal. I guess in the same way the dynamic between Hislop, Merton and Deayton had to change when Deayton left Have I Got News For You, so the relationship beween Davies and the new host will be recalibrated. On Twitter when the news broken Davies tweeted: "A Dane you say? We'll all have pastries and jumpers and it'll be shot in black & white."

Written by Bruce Dessau. Beyond the Joke, 17th October 2015

As Mr. Fry bids adieu to QI viewers, I thought it was the perfect time to focus on some of the more amusing, dare I say even silly, moments from series past.

Written by Carmen Croghan. Carmen Croghan's blog, 16th October 2015

It's all go on BBC Two's QI, as a new series starts, Stephen Fry announces that he's leaving the show and its latest book goes on sale. Here, we share the best science and tech facts. Warning: contains radioactive seagulls.

Written by Dave Anderson. The Independent, 15th October 2015

In their new book the brains behind TV show QI reveal why drunks can't get married in Vegas, what most of our liquorice is used for and more.

The Daily Express, 15th October 2015

King of factoids Stephen Fry is stepping down from the helm of QI, the BBC2 comedy panel show, after 13 years. Here are some of the best moments from his 180 episodes.

Written by Aisha Gani. The Guardian, 14th October 2015

Without Fry, the dynamic may well change positively, but the rot really has started to set in. The best approach from the BBC would be to ditch it now while it will leave fond memories rather than trying to flog it for a few more years of banality.

Written by Duncan Lindsay. Metro, 14th October 2015

Of course we should celebrate Toksvig's new role - but we should also be alarmed that in a country of copious panel shows, this didn't happen far, far sooner. Yes, Toksvig finally getting the QI gig a quarter of a century later is certainly a tiptoe in the right direction but it's also important it doesn't make us complacent. There's a tendency, especially for Brits who don't like to make a fuss, to think 'A woman hosting a panel show, phew. Now we're a modern, equal society. DONE! Next issue, please.'

Written by Kasia Delgado. The Radio Times, 14th October 2015

QI creator John Lloyd on Sandi Toksvig, and how Michael Palin was originally going to be host.

Written by John Plunkett. The Guardian, 14th October 2015

It was announced today that Stephen Fry has resigned as the host of QI. This announcement has come completely out of the blue. It has been a total shock for me personally.

Written by Ian Wolf. On The Box, 14th October 2015

Alan Davies talks to Tess Pullen about the shortcomings of student life, the struggles of parenthood and the final leg of his worldwide tour.

Written by Tess Pullen. The Nouse, 13th October 2015

Some books make you feel extremely clever just by holding them. Others, such as the new tome by the brains behind cult BBC quiz show QI, reveal your total stupidity -- and that almost everything you think you know is wrong...

The Daily Mail, 5th October 2015

The team behind the fiendish BBC quiz show also reveal the contents of the 'first' sandwich and that it was the ENGLISH who first ate frogs' legs.

Written by Amanda Killelea. The Mirror, 1st October 2015

No Such Thing As a Fish, hosted by QI's Elves, is to become the first UK podcast released on vinyl. It's out in November to coincide with the Elves' live show at the Lyric theatre in the West End. The podcast separates quite interesting facts from quite impossible ones - can you tell which of these are true or false?

The Guardian, 21st September 2015

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