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Please Sir!. Norman Potter (Deryck Guyler). Image credit: London Weekend Television.

Please Sir!

Teacher Bernard Hedges struggles to keep control over the unruly pupils at Fenn Street Secondary School; his form, 5C, are notoriously uneducatable

1968 - 1972  (ITV)
57 (4 series)
John Alderton, Deryck Guyler, Noel Howlett, Joan Sanderson, Richard Davies, Erik Chitty, Jill Kerman, Richard Warwick, Vivienne Martin, Malcolm McFee, Peter Cleall & more
John Esmonde, Bob Larbey, Geoff Rowley, Andy Baker, Tony Bilbow
London Weekend Television

Bernard Hedges is a newly qualified teacher who takes up his first post at Fenn Street Secondary School. He's put immediately in charge of 5C, the most notorious and troublesome class the school has to offer; his near-unwavering naivety and optimism somehow steer him through!

However, Hedges' attachment to 5C is too strong, and when they leave for jobs in the big wide world at the end of Series 3, he finds Fenn Street an unhappy place without his former charges, and quits just a few days into the next term.

Our Review: An early and more than worthy offering from the writing team of John Esmonde and Bob Larbey, Please Sir!'s subject matter - troublesome schoolkids - is proven to be essentially timeless, with the show being pretty much as funny today as it was when produced.

The fourth series, which saw a number of new writers come aboard and Hedges (John Alderton) leave is of markedly lower quality than the first three, but they remain a really terribly fun few series with lots of great gags and situations. That final series is also somewhat of an interesting comparison to the previous, as without the familiar kids to focus on, the show rotates much more around the staff and the running of the school rather than the students and their problems.

The largely dud Series 4 aside, we think Please Sir! stands up remarkably well to this day. You can't possibly have too much Potter and Price.