Pixelface. Image shows from L to R: Kiki Nova (Hannah Job), Alexia (Karen David), Aethelwynne (Will Andrews), Sgt Riley (Gareth Tunley), Rex Dynamo (David Armand), Claireparker (Anna Crilly). Image credit: So Television.


Sitcom spin-off from CBBC sketch show 'Sorry, I've Got No Head' in which viewers get to see what computer game characters do in their 'time off'

Game Over (Working Title)
2011 - 2012  (BBC One / CBBC)
26 (2 series)
William Andrews, David Armand, Anna Crilly, Karen David, Hannah Job, Gareth Tunley, Justin Edwards, Simon Day, Tara Flynn, Chris Pavlo
Chris Reddy, Toby Davies, David Armand, Justin Edwards
So Television

Set in the imagined world inside a games console, Pixelface is a CBBC sitcom spin-off from popular sketch show Sorry, I've Got No Head.

Employing CGI graphics and a sharp wit, the 26-part show follows the on-and-off-screen lives of a group of computer game characters, each from a different genre.

There's a questing elf, a zombie battling waitress, a marsupial hybrid who collects apples, a space marine, a glamorous legend hunter and an incredibly upbeat and enthusiastic dance star.

Pixelface shows the characters waiting to play their game and reacting when their console is invaded by the likes of an evil bug or a Premiership football team.

On the CBBC website, viewers can find the same characters starring in an arcade suite of six games, with corresponding graphics and sound bites from the show.