Personal Affairs. Image shows from L to R: Lucy Baxter (Laura Aikman), Nicole Palmerston-Amory (Maimie McCoy). Image credit: 2am TV.

Personal Affairs

Five-part comedy drama following the fortunes of four personal assistants in the City of London. A mystery and dark secrets feature at the heart

P.A.s (Working Title)
Comedy Drama
2009  (BBC Three)
5 (1 series)
Laura Aikman, Annabel Scholey, Ruth Negga, Maimie McCoy, Olivia Grant, Mark Benton, Robert Gant, Archie Panjabi, Darren Boyd, Joe Absolom, Emily Bruni & more
Gabbie Asher
2am TV

Hartmann Payne investment bank caters for the needs of the rich and super rich. It's also the home to a group of brilliant, sexy, funny and confused Personal Assistants (PAs), whose jobs involve far more than just organising meetings and making coffee. Such as Grace Darling, the perfect PA, whose boss is in love with her, and Lucy, frustrated in her role making millions for her boss' clients while he takes the credit.

An extraordinary event in the opening episode is just the starting point for a mystery that reverberates across the series and promises to have viewers questioning what happened, who is responsible and what the dark secrets are that lurk beneath the bright lights of the city.

Our Review: This was a brave attempt to create a very light-hearted comedy drama mixed together with a dark mystery thriller. Looking back, it was frankly never going to quite work and thus perhaps not a surprise that it found itself on the end of many negative reviews.

Unfortunatley, we found ourselves giving up just half way through the first episode - it was that unbearably bad. We never managed to build up the courage to watch the other 4.5 hours, so can't say whether it got any better or not.

In the half hour we did see, the plot had us so baffled it hurt. Wooden acting (with dodgy accents) angered us immensely, the shallow characters alienated us completely, and the lack of realism (characters having sex in the office left, right and centre) completely blew what little interest we had in whether they all lived or died. Frankly, it was one of the most painful thirty minutes we've had to endure in the name of this website.

However, we BCG editors are not within the female target audience of the series, so fully concede we might be missing something. Maybe.