Parents Of The Band. Image shows from L to R: Adi Kundra (Michael Karim), Granville Cunningham (Franz Drameh), Jack Parker (Peter Losasso), Phil Parker (Jimmy Nail), Ashton Cunningham (Colin McFarlane), Eddie Soutakis (David Barseghian). Image credit: British Broadcasting Corporation.

Parents Of The Band

Sitcom about a group of parents who are determined to live vicariously through the highs and lows of their children's band

2008 - 2009  (BBC One)
6 (1 series)
Jimmy Nail, Peter Losasso, Franz Drameh, David Barseghian, Michael Karim, Colin McFarlane, Nicola Hughes, Niky Wardley, Geoffrey McGivern, Nina Young, Lucinda Dryzek & more
Jimmy Nail, Tarquin Gotch, David Cummings
British Broadcasting Corporation
& Serious Comedy

Jack and his fellow 15-year-old band mates want to rebel, meet girls and generally have a good time. In the minds of this group of hormone-addled teenage boys forming a band is the best way of achieving this.

So, what could possibly stand in the way of the boys and their small-scale ambitions? The answer to that would be their parents.

Not because they disapprove of the band or their music, it's much worse - they love it! Where the kids see nothing more than chicks, parties and alcopops, their parents see limousines, luxury yachts and Led Zeppelin.

Sadly for the boys their parents are the first generation to embrace the concept of 'middle-youth' by listening to young music, wearing young clothes and staving off middle-age with anything from jogging to botox.

They are lead by Jack's father Phil Palmer, a former Eighties pop musician with a single solitary hit to his name.

The parents are determined to live vicariously through the highs and lows of their children's band. So ensues an ongoing battle in the Palmer household where Jack has to fight harder than ever to create some kind of generation gap between him and his over-enthusiastic, meddling father.

Our Review: This comedy did not make a good first impression, ambling onto the screen as it did with a lack of jokes and energy. Despite the poor opening episode, we stuck with the show... and we're glad we did - the later episodes were much better. This was probably because the characters had settled into their roles and become more familiar to us, the audience.

That said, the later episodes still featured script weaknesses preventing the show from becoming a hit. There was also some un-easy content considering the early evening time slot (e.g. references to sex), it was like the comedy was torn between trying to appeal to adults and trying to appeal to young teenagers. Because of this indecision, in the end it did neither effectively.

In conclusion, Parents Of The Band might not necessarily have been funny, but it was entertaining enough to keep us watching to the end.