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Open All Hours. Image shows from L to R: Albert Arkwright (Ronnie Barker), Granville (David Jason). Image credit: British Broadcasting Corporation.

Open All Hours

Mean-yet-loveable northern shopkeeper Arkwright is allergic to spending money - much to the trouble of his put-upon nephew and sole employee Granville

Seven Of One
Seven Of One: Open All Hours
1973 - 1985  (BBC One / BBC Two)
27 (pilot + 4 series)
Ronnie Barker, David Jason, Lynda Baron
Roy Clarke
British Broadcasting Corporation

Ronnie Barker stars at Albert Arkwright, the penny-pinching northern shop keeper, working his nephew Granville (David Jason) like a slave, and trying to press his amorous - if not a little pathetic - advances upon Nurse Gladys Emmanuel, played by Lynda Baron.

Our Review: With comedy giants Ronnie Baker and David Jason both on screen together it isn't a surprise that this is a much loved sitcom.

Open All Hours takes the viewer back to a simpler time of shillings and sweater vests. Granville's half-hearted attempts to find excitement within his boring existence and Arkwright's penny-pinching, shop-proud ways combine for many a belly laugh.

There are so many moments that people remember - be it Arkwright's consistent stutter, the continuing risk of his deadly till or Granville's adventurous deliveries. It was these aspects and many more which will help ensure that Open All Hours will be repeated and loved by audiences for many more years to come.