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Actor Paul Barber, most famous as Denzil in Only Fools and Horses tells Matthew Barbour about his health issues and the death of his co-star Roger Lloyd-Pack from pancreatic cancer.

Written by Matthew Barbour. The Daily Mirror, 1st February 2016

Only Fools And Horses has been named 9th in a list of top British icons, ahead of The Beatles, Winston Churchill and The Queen.

Shazam TV, 18th January 2016

When Only Fools And Horses began in 1981, it felt inauspicious, like a weak response to Minder, and featuring dubious references to the local "Paki shop". As part of its broadcast of every single episode of OFAH, Gold takes us back to these very early episodes, which show hints of a series that would more than find its feet in the decades to come; plots involve the sale of a job lot of one-legged turkeys and young Rodney harbouring ambitions to work in Hong Kong.

David Stubbs, The Guardian, 26th December 2015

On the eve of the launch of his highly anticipated autobiography He Who Dares, Peckham's favourite son, Derek 'Del Boy' Trotter, agreed to an interview with The Mirror.

Written by Steve Myall. The Mirror, 12th October 2015

John Challis, who played Boycie, has revealed that the cast were made to bring their own wine to the series wrap party.

Written by Huw Fullerton. Radio Times, 30th September 2015

One more episode was planned for the 30th anniversary of the show, and now star John Challis (who played car dealer Boycie) has opened up on what we might have expected from the Trotters and their entourage in the modern day.

Written by Huw Fullerton. Radio Times, 26th September 2015

Robert Wrinch was given the Only Fools and Horses-style van by friends and decided to make a 2016 calendar featuring it helping out at his farm in Stowmarket, Suffolk.

Written by Simon Carr. The Daily Telegraph, 17th September 2015

eBay has revealed that Only Fools And Horses is the most popular sitcom on the trading website.

British Comedy Guide, 15th September 2015

Do you know your Del Boy from your Damian?

Radio Times, 14th September 2015

Here's a fascinating trivia nugget for you: did you know that the BBC sitcom Only Fools and Horses was set in Peckham? Yes, of course you did. So -- and here's the thing that's driving us beserk -- do we really need to be reminded of this every single time we read an article about Peckham? Apparently so.

Written by Will Noble. Londonist, 24th April 2015

'Hookie Street' is in fact spelled 'Hooky Street', according to the song's official lyrics.

Written by Ben Arnold. Yahoo! TV UK, 12th February 2015

Del Boy hardly ever took his Reliant three-wheeler to the mean streets of SE15, as most of the BBC sitcom was shot outside London. But he'd be shocked at the la-di-dah Peckham of today ... and impressed by its entrepreneurial spirit.

Written by Stuart Jeffries. The Guardian, 3rd February 2015

An Only Fools and Horses superfan has spent 50 hours under the tattooist's needle getting a giant mural of his favourite show etched onto his back.

The Daily Mail, 21st January 2015

A sheepskin clothing firm that clothed Del Boy in television's Only Fools & Horses, is closing for good after 169 years because of falling trade.

BBC News, 16th January 2015

From Burberry to Topman Design, the sheepie is a catwalk hit. The classic Trotter winter warmer is rightly as popular with fashion's front rows as market-stall traders.

Written by Lauren Cochrane. The Guardian, 14th January 2015

A group of friends have built a replica of Only Fools and Horses' Reliant Robin so they could arrive to a pub crawl in style.

Written by Katy Finbow. Digital Spy, 24th December 2014

Sir David Jason has suggested that Only Fools and Horses will not return.

Written by Catherine Earp. Digital Spy, 4th June 2014

The charity event peaked with 9.53 million viewers (41.4%) for the return of Del Boy and Rodney in Only Fools and Horses between 9.30 and 9.45pm.

Written by Liam Martin. Digital Spy, 22nd March 2014

Test your sitcom knowledge about Trotter trivia as David Beckham stars in Sport Relief sketch.

The Mirror, 21st March 2014

If it does give people a giggle and helps raise a lot of money, then lovely jubbly, says Jim Sullivan.

Written by Jim Sullivan. Radio Times, 21st March 2014

Stars have turned out to pay their respects to 'Only Fools And Horses actor Roger Lloyd-Pack at his funeral in London.

The Daily Mail, 13th February 2014

BBC comedy producers bag London's Shepherd's Bush Market as a filming location ahead of the makers of the hit US thriller.

Written by Monkey. The Guardian, 27th January 2014

David Beckham will have a hoot appearing on Only Fools and Horses, says Kate Saunders, whose part in one classic episode was the most enjoyable week's work she's ever done.

Written by Kate Saunders. The Independent, 22nd January 2014

TV channel G.O.L.D is planning a special tribute weekend for the late comedy actor Roger Lloyd-Pack.

Written by Alex Fletcher. Digital Spy, 17th January 2014

It is the Only Fools and Horses bar scene from 1989 which stands out above all others and that is not only because of Jason's physicality. The pratfall is only component of the scene. Jason may get the glory but the ensuing moments are beautifully timed by Lloyd-Pack.

Written by Ben Lawrence. The Daily Telegraph, 16th January 2014

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