Episode 4.3 - Hole In One

In the middle of the worst, wettest winter in memory, all the brothers have to flog is sun-tan lotion. Things are looking grim until Uncle Albert falls down the cellar hatch at the Nag's Head: a big compensation package could set them up nicely. Unfortunately, Del's unaware of Albert's past...

In-Depth Episode Synopsis

Warning: the below synopsis may contain spoilers

The Trotters have fallen on hard times, largely due to Rodney's £500 investment in sun-tan lotion during one of the worst winters ever seen.

To make things worse, the deep-fat fryer they sold to Mike, landlord of The Nag's Head, is on the blink and the tension brings Del and Rodney to boiling point. But throughout all this trouble, Uncle Albert, who Rodders blames for their bad luck, keeps telling them that something will turn up.

As Albert leaves the pub, he falls through an open cellar door, and the Trotters quickly come up with a way to get some cash - by suing the pub for compensation.

Albert's accident claim finally makes it to court, but to the brothers' shock, it appears that their Uncle has already sought 15 identical damages claims going back to 1944! Their case gets chucked out, and Albert admits he was using some parachuting tricks he learnt during the war to try and help Del and Rodney pay for Grandad's headstone.

First Broadcast Details

Thu 7th March 1985
13.4 million viewers
30 minutes

Main Repeats

Note: Any repeats of this episode broadcast before 2009 are not shown
  • Mon 28th Dec 2015 (4:40pm, Gold)
  • Tue 29th Dec 2015 (8:40am, Gold)
  • Thu 28th Jan 2016 (12:40pm, Gold)
  • Thu 28th Jan 2016 (9:20pm, Gold)

Episode 4.3 Cast & Crew

Regular Cast
David Jason ... Del
Nicholas Lyndhurst ... Rodney
Buster Merryfield ... Uncle Albert
Kenneth MacDonald ... Mike
Guest Cast
Nula Conwell ... Maureen (Barmaid at Nag's Head)
Colin Jeavons ... Solly Attwell (Solicitor)
Dennis Ramsden ... Judge
Andrew Tourell ... Mr. Gerrard
James Woolley ... Mr. Fraser
Michael Roberts ... Cockney
Les Rawlings ... Court Clerk
Writing Team
John Sullivan ... Writer
Production Team
Susan Belbin ... Director
Ray Butt ... Producer
Eric Walmsley ... Production Design
John Jarvis ... Editor
Chris Booth ... Editor

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