Dirty Sexy Funny: Olivia Lee. Olivia Lee. Image credit: Tiger Aspect Productions.

Dirty Sexy Funny: Olivia Lee

A hidden camera prank show for Comedy Central starring Olivia Lee. Features stunts, scripted sketches and setups

Olivia Lee: Dirty, Sexy, Funny
Prank Show
2010 - 2011  (Comedy Central)
16 (2 series)
Olivia Lee, Ed Weeks, Henry Lloyd-Hughes, Tom Price, Spencer Jones
Olivia Lee, Ali Crockatt, David Scott
Tiger Aspect Productions

A hidden camera stunt series fronted by Balls Of Steel star Olivia Lee. This show is loosely based on the 2008 Channel 4 Comedy Lab pilot Olivia Lee's Naughty Bits and inspired by the glamorous and shallow lives of the characters found in shows such as Gossip Girl and Ugly Betty.

The star plays larger-than life pranks on unsuspecting members of the public, who become part of the action. As well as the stunts, the series also features a number of scripted sketches and various characters from Lee and her crew.

Olivia's pranking characters include:

Miss Single: Dazed, confused... maybe even slightly psychotic, Miss Single is looking for love in all the wrong places and bothering all the wrong men.

Ms Technophobe: a busy office PA who is completely defeated by modern technology. Baffled shop assistants have to explain to her the difference between a computer mouse and a real mouse, and that a Wii console is not a toilet aid.

The Door Bitch: This nightclub Nazi (aka 'Door Specialist Entertainment Facilitist') erects ropes around perfectly free public spaces much to the displeasure of the innocent pedestrians of Britain.

Lady Gatecrasher: This posh character invades a variety of major public events causing maximum embarrassment to both herself and others.

Bad Date: This outrageous sexy minx lurks in cafes and restaurants picking on naive people going about their daily business, humiliating them as agree to pose as former clients of hers.

Neurotic Flatmate: Britain's foxiest germaphobe, Octavia takes OCD to epic proportions. Literally freaking out potential housemates, dates and employees with her obsessive habits. Whatever you do, don't look in her fridge.

Our Review: A couple of the set-ups in this programme - for example, Olivia trying to seduce a car dealer who is taking her for a test drive, and Olivia freaking out flatmate applicants with some strong OCD tendencies - made us laugh a lot.

Olivia Lee proves here that she's not just an attractive actress, she's also a funny and totally fearless comic performer (we had to watch some of the stunts through our fingers - they're that embarrassing).