Office Gossip. Image shows from L to R: Simon (Neil Stuke), Jo (Pauline Quirke). Image credit: British Broadcasting Corporation.

Office Gossip

Sitcom set in the office of a toy company, where Jo and Simon (Pauline Quirke and Neil Stuke) are PAs to incompetent and demanding bosses respectively

2001  (BBC One)
6 (1 series)
Pauline Quirke, Neil Stuke, Robert Daws, Pippa Haywood, Daniela Denby-Ashe, Charlotte Francis
Paul Mayhew-Archer
British Broadcasting Corporation

In the head office of a toy company, the staff are more childish than the target market many of them don't understand. Jo is a hard-working PA to the largely incompetent, stressed Rod, and Simon is the somewhat lazy PA to Maxine. Then there's Cheryl, another receptionist/PA: nice enough, but really rather dim.

Whilst Jo is busy trying to keep Rod out of trouble - and as a single mother, care for Sam, her young daughter - Simon is more often than not desperately trying to hide his affair with boss Maxine from everyone. But the only person who doesn't know is the gossip-loving Cheryl!

Our Review: One of those largely-forgotten early-2000s sitcoms from the BBC, and probably rightly so. Although a good number of laughs were provided, some of the interaction between the characters just didn't gel - rather than 'gossip', it strayed at times too far to just plain mean-spirited and bitchy.
Otherwise a largely inoffensive programme, Office Gossip is an enjoyable enough watch, and we can't help feeling that it could have grown and improved with further series. But at the same time, we can't really complain or show any surprise that no further episodes were produced.