Not With A Bang. Image shows from L to R: Janet Wilkins (Josie Lawrence), Graham Wilkins (Mike Grady). Image credit: London Weekend Television.

Not With A Bang

Colin and Brian are the last two people on Earth, or at least they fear they are. Janet and Graham believe are as well; until they all meet

1990  (ITV)
7 (1 series)
Ronald Pickup, Stephen Rea, Mike Grady, Josie Lawrence
Mike Walling, Anthony Millan
London Weekend Television

During a demonstration on TV science programme The World Tomorrow, presenter Judith Hann accidentally spills a dangerous liquid and sets off a chain of events that causes the entire population of the world to die. All, that is, except Colin and Brian who meet some time after the devastation has subsided. They don't like each other all that much, but try to make sense and cope with it all by getting on with their old lives - mainly going to the pub and discussing Rugby League. One day they encounter a married couple who have also survived the holocaust, and they set up a mini-community together.

Our Review: Another off-the-wall comedy from the writing team responsible for A Small Problem. Released on to the airwaves with very little fanfare, this low-budget show soon fell flat after a pleasing start.