No Heroics. Image shows from L to R: Devlin, aka Excelsor (Patrick Baladi), Jenny, aka She-Force (Rebekah Staton), Don, aka Timebomb (James Lance), Sarah, aka Electroclash (Claire Keelan), Alex, aka The Hotness (Nicholas Burns). Image credit: Tiger Aspect Productions.

No Heroics

ITV2 sitcom about four off-duty superheroes and their struggles with love and fame (or the lack of it)

2008  (ITV2)
6 (1 series)
Patrick Baladi, Nicholas Burns, Claire Keelan, James Lance, Rebekah Staton, Jim Howick, Steve Speirs, Joe Cornish
Drew Pearce, Daniel Peak, Jon Brown
Tiger Aspect Productions

A single-camera sitcom about four old friends who just happen to be off-duty superheroes. Based in a Soho pub, the comedy focuses on their relationships, their sex lives, and their constant desperation for success and fame.

The Hotness has the power to heat up like a giant car cigarette lighter. Electroclash can control electricity and talk to machines. Timebomb can see up to sixty seconds into the future. Whilst She-Force is the third strongest person in the world.

The superheroes must content with their nemesis, Excelsor, the most powerful superhero of his generation.