Never The Twain. Image shows from L to R: Oliver Smallbridge (Windsor Davies), Simon Peel (Donald Sinden). Image credit: Thames Television.

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Never The Twain

Once business partners Simon Peel and Oliver Smallbridge have grown to hate each other. Both are antique dealers, and the fact they are neighbours issues no help to the situation

1981 - 1991  (ITV)
67 (11 series)
Donald Sinden, Windsor Davies, Maria Charles, Teddy Turner, Derek Deadman, Julia Watson, Robin Kermode
Johnnie Mortimer, Vince Powell, John Kane
Thames Television

Simon Peel and Oliver Smallbridge are two men with a lot in common. Not only are they both in the antiques trade, but they have adjacent shops, and even their homes are side-by-side. Both are one-parent family men and neither will stop at anything to get the better of the other. The pair's rivalry doesn't stop their offspring from falling in love and getting married though!

Our Review: An original idea was stretched to the absolute limit in spite of the presence of the two popular and agreeable stars. The series certainly made a good start, and there is plenty to laugh at in the first few series, but the sheer length of Never The Twain's run showed as the years progressed.

Overall, a sadly mediocre sitcom that allowed itself to drag on without putting in much effort at times. Often entertaining, yes, but rarely anything special.