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Never Mind The Quality, Feel The Width

Film spin-off of the hit ABC/Thames sitcom of the same name. Patrick and Manny have a particularly serious falling out.

My Son Reuben

TV ComedyMy Son Reuben

An apron strings comedy about Reuben, a 35 year old bachelor, and his Jewish momma who keeps him from leaving by feigning a heart attack.

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Love Thy Neighbour

TV ComedyLove Thy Neighbour

Pro-white socialist Eddie Booth is disgusted when a black couple move in next door - but far worse than his skin colour, Bill Reynolds is Conservative.

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Rule Britannia!

TV ComedyRule Britannia!

Heard the one about the Englishman, the Irishman, the Scotsman and the Welshman? They all meet again after 25 years and get very drunk indeed.

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