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Series 4 (2003)

1. Fitting Punishment

First Broadcast: Fri 21st March 2003

Susan is looking forward to the birth of her first grandchild, but not looking forward to being called a grandmother. Nick wants to move back in. And a new arrival at Ben's surgery has quite an impact.

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2. They Shoot Harpers, Don't They?

First Broadcast: Fri 28th March 2003

When Roger shows some talent at acting, Susan decides to jump on the bandwagon and takes dancing lessons... and a 'wine tasting' class! Meanwhile Michael is disappointed when he gets a B in an exam.

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3. The Great Escape

First Broadcast: Fri 4th April 2003

Normally, nobody in the Harper family would willingly set foot in Nick's flat, but when Susan's mother comes to stay, it suddenly seems more attractive.

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4. Return Of The Prodigal Prat

First Broadcast: Fri 11th April 2003

When the local paper announces Ben's death, he sees it as an opportunity to avoid doing all the things he doesn't want to do.

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5. Owed To Susan

First Broadcast: Fri 18th April 2003

The Harpers' marriage is threatened by Susan's discovery that the love poem Ben wrote to woo her was not an original.

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6. Deliverance

First Broadcast: Fri 25th April 2003

Janey's baby is due, and Susan insists on travelling to Manchester for the birth. The journey throws up several blasts from the past.

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7. Blind Justice

First Broadcast: Fri 2nd May 2003

Susan witnesses something so shocking (Michael in bed with a girl called Fiona), she becomes hysterically blind. She tries to hide it from Ben, but to no avail. Ben meanwhile is doing jury duty.

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8. Friday The 31st

First Broadcast: Fri 9th May 2003

Susan decides to enter enthusiastically into the spirit of 'trick or treat' for the neighbourhood children, which Ben tries to ignore until the spirits get to him.

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9. Sitting Targets

First Broadcast: Fri 16th May 2003

Susan decides that Ben should spend more time with Michael in case he turns into another Nick. Janey leaves the grandparents to baby-sit Kenzo.

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10. Loco Parents

First Broadcast: Fri 23rd May 2003

Ben and Susan have to go back to school for parenting classes as a result of Michael playing truant.

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11. Canary Cage

First Broadcast: Fri 30th May 2003

The Harpers get a free holiday to Lanzarote, and even though Ben loses his luggage, he is happy enough to use his brand new digital camera as much as possible, this causes a few misunderstanding with the folks in the holiday home next door.

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12. May The Best Man Win

First Broadcast: Fri 6th June 2003

Abi's father asks Ben to be his best man, which turns out to be a bad move.

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13. It's A Window Filled Life

First Broadcast: Fri 13th June 2003

The Harper house is quarantined because Roger is contagious. Nick goes into business with an eighteen-foot python, while Michael gets to grips with a rocket launcher.

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Christmas Special: Sixty Feet Under

First Broadcast: Thu 25th December 2003

A shopping trip to London turns sour when the tube train the family are travelling on grinds to a halt. The Harpers are forced to sit it out with an odd bunch of passengers for company.

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