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Not to everyone's taste, but Mrs Brown's Boys is widely watched over the festive season. There's precious little concession to the holidays in this New Year special - more, as ever, a procession of near-the-knuckle jokes, delivered while the cast try their hardest (not always successfully) to avoid laughing. Tonight, Robert Bathurst guests as a surprise visitor to Foley's Bar. He has designs not on Kathy (who has "been on so many blind dates she needs a guide dog") but on Agnes Brown herself.

John Robinson, The Guardian, 1st January 2016

Can't fathom why Brendan O'Carroll's comedy wins the Christmas TV battle every year? You're missing a very simple truth.

Written by Sarah Doran. Radio Times, 25th December 2015

In case you're not familiar with the Brown Clan, here's a breakdown of some its most important faces.

Radio Times, 25th December 2015

Despite constant lambasting by critics for its lowest-common-denominator formula, there were some funny moments in Brendan O'Carroll's throwback sitcom, says Gerard O'Donovan.

Written by Gerard O'Donovan. The Daily Telegraph, 25th December 2015

Star Brendan O'Carroll's sister Eilish has given the Mirror a rare insight into the inspiration behind the smash hit Christmas institution.

Written by Rod McPhee. The Daily Mirror, 24th December 2015

Kathy bemoans being "one more bad relationship away from owning 50 cats", but when a stranger makes eyes at her and the ladies in the pub, to everyone's shock, he's ogling Agnes. Mammy still has her "needs" and says, "Even a ripe banana likes to be squeezed." But is her admirer William (Robert Bathurst, who played Edith's drippy suitor in Downton) just a shade too ardent?

A lot more fun than the Christmas edition, this has laugh-out-loud lines, a smutty spin on the words "yoyo" and "scuttle" and great physical comedy from Brendan O'Carroll, as Agnes seeks advice on amorous matters from her GP and the vicar.

Patrick Mulkern, Radio Times, 23rd December 2015

"I'm determined to have a safe Christmas this year," says Agnes, as she takes delivery of another preposterous, life-threatening tree from Buster. She's also preoccupied with Winnie's bucket list and the family's plan to ship her off to Canada.

Mrs Brown's Boys has zero sophistication but still manages to be peculiarly endearing and pull in the punters. This ramshackle special squeezes in decent visual gags, a trumping grandad and a swearing vicar; the usually effective ad-libs for once look well rehearsed. And watch out for a throwaway cameo for Noddy Holder.

Patrick Mulkern, Radio Times, 16th December 2015

Kevin Bridges has been toppled from the top of the comedy DVD chart by Mrs Brown's Boys.

Chortle, 12th December 2015

'However funny you are, people can tire of you.'

Written by Mick Heaney. The Irish Times, 17th October 2015

Mrs Brown's Boys star Gary Hollywood has confirmed he and the cast have just completed recording their two Christmas specials for the BBC.

Written by Beverley Lyons. The Daily Record, 5th October 2015

Fiona, who plays daughter Maria in Mrs Brown's Boys, was stopped on the tarmac at Glasgow Airport yesterday and told she was not allowed travel.

Written by Robert Hynes. The Daily Mirror, 18th September 2015

That's nice! A crowd of Mrs Brown lookalikes invaded Finglas and set a world record for dressing up as the comedy character....

Independent Ireland, 20th July 2015

Fictional matriarch Mrs Brown has urged Ireland to vote yes in the upcoming gay marriage referendum.

Written by Claire Williamson. Belfast Telegraph, 28th April 2015

Brendan O'Carroll reveals the influence his own mother had in helping him create Mrs Brown's Boys.

Written by Brian Beacom. The Big Issue, 17th March 2015

Brendan O'Carroll's stage shows are so successful they generate enough revenue to make a serious dent in the Irish National debt. But in the build up to Mother's Day, how much did the Dubliner's own mother Maureen O'Carroll play in his success?

Glasgow Evening Times, 13th March 2015

Mrs Brown's Boys collected the comedy prize at the National Television Awards tonight, beating shows such as Outnumbered and The Big Bang Theory.

Independent Ireland, 22nd January 2015

The Queen has been toppled from the number one spot of the Christmas Day ratings by BBC One sitcom Mrs Brown's Boys in the consolidated viewing figures published on Friday.

Written by John Plunkett. The Guardian, 2nd January 2015

Brendan O'Carroll has revealed he's signed up to make Christmas specials of Mrs Brown's Boys until 2020.

Written by Maeve Quigley and Olivia Buxton. The Daily Mirror, 2nd January 2015

Potty-mouthed mirth-fest Mrs Brown's Boys (BBC One) is much-maligned by critics but adored by audiences. So in the interests of sort-of-scientific testing, I watched the New Year's Day special while keeping a tally of how many times I laughed. I can tell you're on the edge of your seats, so I'll cut straight to my findings: three snorts of the "that's vaguely amusing, I suppose" variety; two grunts that didn't turn into chuckles; and two smirks. Not a great return on my 35 minutes but not as bad as feared. I didn't count the tuts, sighs and eye-rolls because it didn't seem in the spirit of the season.

Written by Michael Hogan. The Daily Telegraph, 1st January 2015

Mammy is on edge after a spate of burglaries, and with good reason when her telly and precious armchair go missing. Buster offers to install an alarm system and series of grilles - and much hilarity ensues.

In other news, Cathy is feeling broody and plans a visit to a London fertility clinic, leading to some classic malapropisms from Mammy. When Dermot is refused a bank loan, Mammy takes on her hoity in-law Hilliary (Susie Blake) to win 10,000 euros in a pub poker tournament. And look out for an inspired new use for an iPad.

Patrick Mulkern, Radio Times, 1st January 2015

The 59-year-old comedian suffered with crippling pain due to his dental implants but he says it hasn't put him off the procedure.

Written by Olivia Buxton. The Daily Mirror, 31st December 2014

Mrs Brown's Boys was the most watched programme on Christmas Day as 7.6 million viewers tuned in to see Brendan O'Carroll's festive special.

Written by Tufayel Ahmed. The Daily Mirror, 26th December 2014

Agnes Brown cleaned up last year - not her potty mouth, of course, but in the Christmas Day ratings battle, confounding her detractors and reeling in 9.2 million viewers as the night's most watched show.

In the first of two jaunty festive editions, Mammy is singed by her Christmas tree, believes Rory is having a sex change, and gets a huge laugh from her misuse - in front of two priests - of what is best described on this page as a marital aid. As ever the most satisfying moments come when the cast break the "fourth wall", leaving in a fluffed line from Eilish O'Carroll (Winnie) and teasing Jennifer Gibney (Cathy) about her early exit from Strictly.

Patrick Mulkern, Radio Times, 25th December 2014

Last year it was potty-mouth Agnes Brown and her funny family who won the festive ratings war, so she has a lot to live up to this time round in what could be one of the last of the disfunctional Dubliner's TV appearances.

After all, she and her alter-ego Brendan O'Carroll are movie stars now.

Again the Christmas tree almost deserves an acting credit as chaos reigns in the front room. The arrival of a large box for Cathy has Agnes intrigued, and Rory announces that husband Dino is buying him plastic surgery for Christmas.

Things go from bad to worse when Agnes gets the wrong end of the stick about exactly what sort of nips and tucks we're talking about.

And Buster Brady delivers Agnes that magical new Christmas tree which is sure to restore her festive spirit. If only it would co-operate...

Carl Greenwood, The Daily Mirror, 24th December 2014

The Christmas special is some mildly amusing if unsatisfying comedy that's an easy watch if you want to put something on the TV, but this is a present that's best put back under the tree.

Written by Callum Humphreys. On The Box, 24th December 2014

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