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Whatever you may think of this vulgar panto-style Irish sitcom, it was d'most watched programme of last Christmas. Duly, the BBC has re-invested in two more specials packed with double entendres, ad libs, and actors corpsing. Tonight, following a spate of burglaries, Mammy invests in a "state of the art" alarm system from Buster Brady. True, this is a very uncool show, but it is end-of-the-pier stuff done as well as you're likely to see without an actual pier. It also contains a good joke about the merits of newspapers versus iPads.

John Robinson, The Guardian, 19th December 2014

TV Choice caught up with Gary Hollywood, who plays Rory's boyfriend, gay crimper Dino in the series, to find out what the cast have been up to over the past twelve months, how he'll be spending the festive season, and what the next few years have in store...

Written by Cecile Metcalf. TV Choice, 9th December 2014

Brendan O'Carroll has said no to another series and ruled out a sequel to big-screen hit Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie, son Danny claims.

Written by Adelina Campos. The Daily Record, 7th December 2014

Gary Hollywood, who struggled to keep a straight face on set, reveals that the biggest star of this year's special is the Christmas tree.

Written by Marion Scott. The Daily Record, 26th October 2014

Comedian Brendan O'Carroll turned down a chance for Mrs Brown to tango on hit show Strictly Come Dancing, he has revealed.

Written by Lynne Kelleher. The Daily Mirror, 22nd September 2014

Mrs Brown's Boys is heading back on the road in 2015 with a huge arena tour in the spring, summer and winter.

Written by Alex Fletcher. Digital Spy, 30th June 2014

Gary Hollywood will be the mainstay of a spin-off comedy set inside Wash & Blow, the fictional hair salon in Mrs Brown's Boys. Writer Brendan O'Carroll will also star as shop owner Mario while Rory Cowan will continue as Dino's husband Rory Brown.

Written by Marion Scott. The Daily Record, 29th June 2014

Mrs Brown has not only conquered British TV - she's now a worldwide superstar with DVD sales topping five million.

Written by Marion Scott. Daily Record, 22nd June 2014

"Crass, backwards-looking and unfunny," goes the critical consensus on Brendan O'Carroll's feck-flecked sitcom. But what if the critics are on the wrong side of history on this one, like they were with Zeppelin, or the Opal Fruits to Starburst name change? What if Mrs Brown's Boys is actually the platonic ideal of what comedy can and should be? Consider the evidence: here's a show that recognises that a man being assaulted with a rectal thermometer is funnier than any long-winded witticism could ever be; here's a show that offers up a truly progressive family at its centre: a matriarch in drag whose eldest son is out and proud and whose youngest is a model example of the rehabilitative qualities of prison (he's married and has found gainful employment dressing up as a penguin); here's a show that started out on stage and moved to screen, and as such is, arguably, the closest thing our generation has to Play For Today; here's a show that exhibits a flair for fourth-wall-breaking self-awareness - fluffed lines left in the final edit, Mrs Brown directly acknowledging a camera that has strayed into shot - that meta wannabe Arrested Development would kill for; most tellingly, here's a show that regularly attracts 9m viewers at a time when TV audiences are dwindling. Have 9m people ever been wrong? I mean, that's probably the same amount of people that voted for Ukip.

Gwilym Mumford, The Guardian, 21st June 2014

Award-winning BBC1 comedy Mrs Brown's Boys is one of the most popular sitcoms on TV. Test your knowledge.

Written by Carl Greenwood. The Mirror, 31st May 2014

Forget the fact it's universally loathed by snobbish critics, Mrs Brown's Boys makes me laugh. Get over it.

Written by Tom Hingley. Sabotage Times, 20th February 2014

The 34-year-old actor from Glasgow admits he's gobsmacked at the show's rise to fame as talks for a sequel to the film begin before the first one is even out.

Written by Brian McIver. The Daily Record, 30th January 2014

As the hit critics love to hate scoops another award, here is the very unlikely story of the show's inspiration.

Written by Alison Boshoff. The Daily Mail, 25th January 2014

Mrs Brown's Boys will "definitely" return for another series, star and creator Brendan O'Carroll has said.

Written by Morgan Jeffery and Tom Mansell. Digital Spy, 23rd January 2014

Brendan O'Carroll says he doesn't care about negative reviews as Mrs Brown's Boys wins its second NTA in a row.

Written by Ellie Walker-Arnott and James Gill. The Radio Times, 22nd January 2014

Brendan O'Carroll's BBC One sitcom beat Ricky Gervais's Derek, Miranda Hart's BBC One comedy and US import The Big Bang Theory.

Written by Paul Jones. The Radio Times, 22nd January 2014

Fans of hit comedy Mrs Brown's Boys will have to wait a whole year for a new series because the show is too popular. Gary Hollywood, who stars in the show, said creator Brendan O'Carroll is too busy to write new material.

Written by Marion Scott. The Daily Record, 5th January 2014

It's vulgar, outdated and unfunny - and the public loves it.

Written by William Langely. The Sunday Telegraph, 5th January 2014

Mrs Brown's Boys topped Monday (December 30) night's ratings, pulling in 8.71 million viewers, according to overnight data.

Written by Meg Drewett. Digital Spy, 31st December 2013

It is easy to be snooty about Mrs Brown's Boys - much harder to divine why this is the comedy that, in sheer popularity, knocks all of the more lauded shows from your Walliamses or your Mirandas into a cocked hat. Essentially, I suspect, it's because the show knows its fans and involves them directly.

Written by Benji Wilson. The Daily Telegraph, 30th December 2013

It's New Year's Eve in Agnes's house and there's a lot of funny business going on. The main thread revolves around her plan to stop grandson Bono being enrolled in the infamous local primary school, but along the way she takes in a homeless parrot with an extraordinary vocabulary, there's a severe new priest, Father McBride, to get the better of, and Dermot and Buster dress up as Laurel and Hardy.

There's another of those priceless "Rory, why are you so down?" moments, where the actor Rory Cowan is tricked on set and reduced to helpless giggles. But as is so often the case, the funniest scenes involve just Agnes and her mate Winnie (Brendan O'Carroll's real-life sister, Eilish). They muck about in the kitchen with a canister of "hellenium" gas bought for the balloons, and engage in vulgar but hysterical antics involving pine spray, glue and the effects of a curry.

Patrick Mulkern, Radio Times, 30th December 2013

Mrs Brown's Boys, the biggest hit on the box at Christmas, reflects TV's new role as refuge from the complex world beyond the living room.

Written by Elizabeth Day. The Observer, 29th December 2013

Mrs Brown's Boys somehow garnered the biggest average audience on Christmas Day. My only explanation is that, after the festive EastEnders, the nation as a whole fell asleep and left their televisions on as I can't see anybody finding Brendan O'Carroll's drag act in the least bit amusing.

I feel that O'Carroll's biggest audience must be the elderly who still find gags about mechanically-operated Christmas trees funny. Indeed the big comic set pieces in this year's festive special involved Mrs Brown getting a new tree that she could operate using a remote control which she inevitably got stuck on by the end of the episode. The other running joke was that Mrs Brown got ultra-competitive when playing Christmas games and was incredibly aggrieved when her rival Hilary (Susie Blake) guessed 'Silence of the Limbs' to a charade clue.

Just like with the obvious humour in Vicious, Mrs Brown's Boys takes all the suggestion out of the character by having her swear every thirty seconds. I feel the vulgarity in Mrs Brown's Boys is often uneccessary and only exists to get cheap laughs from the sitcom's easily-pleased audience.

Now I'm not someone who's opposed to old-fashioned comedy, as you can see from my review of Not Going Out, but I like it to be at least a little bit funny. Again, just like Vicious, I didn't laugh once while watching Mrs Brown's Boys and I just can't see why almost nine and half million of you tuned in to watch this atrociously awful so-called comedy.

Matt Donnelly, The Custard TV, 28th December 2013

The comedian's manager has revealed he is refusing to censor the swearing for American audiences, despite strong language being a big no-no on mainstream US TV.

Written by Caroline Westbrook. Metro, 28th December 2013

BBC One's Mrs Brown's Boys has topped the Christmas Day ratings chart.

Written by Danny Walker. The Daily Mirror, 26th December 2013

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