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While there are no plans for further (full) Monty Python live concerts, Palin said he was relieved at the positive response from fans and it has inspired the team to start thinking about new material.

Written by Chris Hook. Daily Telegraph Australia, 24th January 2015

An 80-strong group did the fourth annual Silly Walk March in the southern Czech city of Brno, inspired by a 1970 Monty Python sketch featuring John Cleese with a bowler hat, briefcase and goofy gait.

Luxemburger Wort, 20th January 2015

In the course of John Cleese's interview this week for TIME's 10 Questions, the British comedy icon named the top five sketches he has written and/or performed in.

Time Magazine, 8th November 2014

Watching the Greatest Hits show, what really interested me was how it fitted in to the comedy scene in 2014. What does it mean for those of you starting on the road to making a living in the profession?

Written by Dave Cohen. 24th July 2014

In Izzard's current tour, he finds facts about the towns he performs in. In Dallas, someone submitted the fact that it was the first town in the USA to show Monty Python's Flying Circus.

Written by Bill Young. Tellyspotting, 26th June 2014

There was a different appearance from Eric Idle's "Nudge-Nudge" character which I can't find anywhere. It was in a TV advert for Breakaway chocolate bars which also featured Idle's blazered buffoon, though this time, if my memory is correct, he wouldn't shut up about the chocolate and crispy biscuit combination.

Written by Bruce Dessau. Beyond the Joke, 21st May 2014

Are the Python's comments damagingly off-message or warming us up for shows that will be more than a cynical nostalgia fest?

Written by Brian Logan. The Guardian, 16th May 2014

Michael Palin tells HuffPostUK why 'Monty Python has never really happened since'.

Written by Caroline Frost. Huffington Post, 28th April 2014

Michael Palin is typically self-deprecating about the Pythons' work. Their gleaming jewels more than make up for any 'dross'.

Written by Natalie Haynes. The Guardian, 10th April 2014

After hitting the stage with Monty Python in July, Michael Palin is to embark on his first ever one-man theatre tour.

BBC News, 9th April 2014

Michael Palin announces his first solo tour of Britain, as he discloses the highlights and lowlights of his long career and admits a lot of Monty Python was c--p.

Written by Hannah Furness. The Daily Telegraph, 9th April 2014

Arlene Phillips says there will be flesh on display when the members of the Monty Python team appear in their reunion show in July.

Written by Tim Walker. The Daily Telegraph, 9th April 2014

We start rehearsal in June. I feel slightly overloaded with material but on the other hand, you want to give everything a go.

Written by Jay Richardson. Chortle, 8th April 2014

Blue Water Productions announced plans to release a new comic book biography on the life of pop-culture icons Monty Python who will be part of the popular Comics series.

Comic Book Resources, 8th April 2014

Here are 19 facts about Monty Python that you might not know...

Written by Alun Palmer. The Daily Mirror, 8th April 2014

There may be some hope for Monty Python fans who missed out on reunion tickets - Michael Palin has hinted that the group may perform a smaller warm-up show.

BBC News, 11th December 2013

Monty Python are back with a new show. Terry Jones talks Spanish Inquisitions, sex parties and letting the parrot out of the bag.

The Big Issue, 9th December 2013

In the third series, though, Palin says, the BBC started making some "fairly ridiculous censorship decisions". A battle over one particular sketch saw all six Pythons in a heated argument with the head of comedy. "We fought them for the right to say 'masturbation'," he says.

Written by Matthew Stadlen. The Daily Telegraph, 9th December 2013

While the reformed Pythons are preparing to revisit old material, he continues to add to his prodigious and varied body of work. But is it true the reunion is because he needs to pay off the mortgage? James Hanning meets Terry Jones.

Written by James Hanning. The Independent on Sunday, 1st December 2013

Terry Jones explains why he's 'not proud' of Monty Python and talks about his new Christmas show.

Written by John Preston. The Telegraph, 29th November 2013

John Cleese told The Today Programme it has been "extraordinary to have such a positive reaction" since announcing their reunion.

BBC News, 27th November 2013

After tickets for Monty Python's comeback gigs sold out before you could say 'ni', many went on sale again - at a vastly inflated cost. How do the touts get away with it?

Written by Jamie Merrill. The Independent, 27th November 2013

The Monty Python stage show has been extended from one date to five, running from 1 to 5 July next year. The first show sold out within 43.5 seconds, organisers announced.

BBC News, 25th November 2013

Following the announcement of the reunion of the legendary Monty Python team, John Cleese has suggested it may not be a one-off performance. Talking to Andrew Marr, Cleese added the forthcoming arena show would include memorable Python moments and that further shows might be added, depending on ticket sales. Cleese added the team would be "having fun" while 'paying off Terry Jones' mortgage'.

Written by Andrew Marr. BBC News, 24th November 2013

Columnist Charlie Catchpole says Eric Idle, John Cleese and Co were rebellious and fearless. But we simply didn't get it.

Written by Charlie Catchpole. The Sunday Mirror, 24th November 2013

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