Episode 1.6 - Destiny The Infection Risk

Nelson falls in love with Sandra, a mangy, flea-ridden fox whom he meets at the rubbish tip while rescuing Marion. Gary angers Kali after he erects anti-pigeon spikes on the pub walls, but Destiny is overjoyed when he enters her into a competition.

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In-Depth Episode Synopsis

Warning: the below synopsis may contain spoilers

Nelson falls in love with a mangy, flea-ridden fox whom he meets at the rubbish tip while rescuing Marion. However, he fails to listen to his friends who tell him that the only reason he finds her so intoxicating is because she is on heat and he will regret it later.

Meanwhile, Kali is livid that pub owner Gary has erected some anti-pigeon spikes to prevent her from landing on the walls of the pub garden. She decides to take revenge.

And Destiny is overjoyed that Gary has finally entered her into the South Docklands Area Landlord Association Pub Dog of the Month category. However, when she catches fleas from Nelson's new girlfriend it looks as if her chance of winning is in jeopardy.

Song: Breaking Up Is Such A Faff - Sung by Nelson, featuring Marion and Sandra.
Written by Danielle Ward, Jon Brown and Daniel Peak.

Episode Notes

Some sources give this episode the unofficial title Bin Day.

First Broadcast Details

Tue 27th July 2010
BBC Three
30 minutes

Main Repeats

  • Wed 1st Oct 2014 (2:50am, Dave)
  • Tue 23rd Dec 2014 (2:45am, Dave)
  • Sat 24th Jan 2015 (3:25am, Dave)
  • Tue 10th Feb 2015 (2:25am, Dave)

Episode 1.6 Cast & Crew

Regular Cast
Rufus Jones ... Nelson (Voice)
Lucy Montgomery ... Destiny (Voice)
Katy Brand ... Kali (Voice)
Dan Tetsell ... Marion (Voice)
Paul Kaye ... Vince (Voice)
Tony Way ... Gary (Destiny's Owner)
Guest Cast
Simon Lipson ... Ensemble (Various Roles) (Voice)
John Roy ... Pest Officer
Marc Small ... Adjudicator
Ruth Bratt ... Sandra (Voice)
Chris Hughes ... Self
Writing Team
Daniel Peak ... Writer
Dan Tetsell ... Writer (Additional Material)
Danielle Ward ... Writer (Additional Material)
Paul Mayhew-Archer ... Script Editor
Production Team
Adam Miller ... Director
Stephen McCrum ... Producer
Mark Freeland ... Exec Producer
Simon Rogers ... Production Design
Joe Henson ... Composer
Richie Webb ... Composer
Nigel Williams ... Editor

Video Clips From This Episode

Nelson is Trapped

Pub landlord Gary is fed up with the animals hanging out in his back yard. He brings in an expert who lays down a trap. Nelson and Marion get trapped.

Featuring: Rufus Jones (Nelson), Dan Tetsell (Marion), Tony Way (Gary), John Roy (Pest Officer).

Noel Edmonds

Nelson says his biggest mistake involves Mr Noel Edmonds.

Featuring: Rufus Jones (Nelson), Dan Tetsell (Marion).

Nelson's New Wife

Nelson has fallen for disgusting vixen Sandra. He soon realises his mistake but can't get rid of her. Marion dresses up as a woman in an attempt to fool Sandra into thinking Nelson is already married.

Featuring: Rufus Jones (Nelson), Dan Tetsell (Marion), Ruth Bratt (Sandra).


Destiny has persuaded her owner Gary to enter her into the local dog show. But will she be the top dog with the help of some fleas?

Featuring: Lucy Montgomery (Destiny), Tony Way (Gary).

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