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The Mock the Week Christmas Special had a lengthy joke about the annual fate of the Swedish Yule Goat, and now social media has provided the punch line as it burnt down again.

Written by Suchandrika Chakrabarti. The Daily Mirror, 27th December 2015

So who would be the main contenders should producers plump for a female regular?

Chortle, 19th October 2015

Compared to The John Bishop Show the faces were over-familiar, but you need to be a pretty assured TV performer to do a programme like this so you can hardly pluck relative circuit newbies as Bishop has done. Will I be watching again? Yes. Has it changed enough to be called a fourth generation? I'm not so sure. Maybe call it Generation Three-And-A-Half.

Written by Bruce Dessau. Beyond the Joke, 25th June 2015

"Traditionally, the minute we go on air the news turns distinctly horrible and that's a nightmare."

Written by Brigit Grant. The Jewish Chronicle, 16th June 2015

Having so far run for 35 years and 10 years respectively, the BBC's Thursday night double-bill of topical panel shows - Question Time (BBC One, 10.35pm) and Mock the Week (BBC Two, 10pm) - are both veterans by televisual standards. Mock-nervously aware of this fact, Dara

Written by Mark Lawson. The Guardian, 12th June 2015

When this show first aired ten years ago - back when Twitter didn't exist, David Cameron was Shadow Education Secretary and Andy Murray was outside the world's top 400 - it didn't look like much. Yet another panel show, and an unprepossessing mix of Have I Got News for You and Whose Line Is It Anyway? to boot - surely it wouldn't go on to be one of TV comedy's most reliable ratings bankers?

Well, it did - and now it's back for a triumphant 14th series, with Dara O Briain still in charge and a roster of strong comics, old and new: Katherine Ryan, James Acaster, Matt Forde and Josh Widdicombe join hoary regulars Hugh Dennis and Andy Parsons.

Jack Seale, Radio Times, 11th June 2015

Dara O'Briain's current affairs/improv/comedy show is back back back for its 14th series this month, coinciding with its 10-year anniversary.

Written by Johnny Dee. The Guardian, 5th June 2015

A couple have been invited to a recording of Mock The Week after a producer of the show heard how it saved their lives. Rob Ellmore was alerted to a blaze at his house after staying up to watch the show on Monday night.

Written by Hayley Robinson. Kent Online, 11th February 2015

The BBC show's New Year's Eve edition had a parade of dick jokes. They're a mainstay of comedy - but isn't this supposed to be a satirical swipe at the news?

Written by Brian Logan. The Guardian, 6th January 2015

Jason Manford has said that he finds it baffling how offended people can get by jokes online and on TV, arguing that the best way to deal with people who decide to get offended is "ignore them".

Written by Alex Fletcher. Digital Spy, 21st November 2014

Right wingers need to stop carping about luvvie bias at the Beeb.

Written by Patrick West. Spiked, 11th November 2014

Marcus Brigstocke, the comedian, says the BBC needs to raise its game when it comes to satire.

Written by Tim Walker. The Telegraph, 11th October 2014

Top comedians do battle with hilarious one-liners on the topic of TV and films.

Written by Emma Daly. Radio Times, 11th September 2014

He said: "When we started on Mock The Week we were allowed to cover the Gulf War. Last time I watched the first item was the Ryder Cup - and it had been rained off."

Written by Rob Leigh. The Mirror, 23rd August 2014

Despite the humiliation of the extremely concentrated 'positive discrimination' that women (including the public as well as comedians) are being force-fed with, it is undeniable that Mock The Week is a better show because of it, I just wish it hadn't been done so blatantly, before everyone's eyes.

Written by Becca Moody. Moody Comedy, 23rd July 2014

In time for the low-hanging comedic fruit of England's World Cup campaign, a return for the standard mix of mock-incredulity at everyday minutiae, repeated plunges into well-thumbed stand-up routines and hefty helpings of "epic" banter. This second episode of this new series has series mainstays Dara O'Briain, Hugh Dennis and Andy Parsons being joined by Rob Beckett, Gary Delaney, Josh Widdicombe and Sara Pascoe, the last possibly pressured to prove she's there on merit rather than due to a dictum from the BBC Trust.

Mark Jones, The Guardian, 19th June 2014

TV's self-styled "most notorious topical quiz show" Mock the Week returns tonight for a 13th season.

Written by Gerard O'Donovan. The Telegraph, 12th June 2014

We're now a mighty 13 series into the topical panel show, and Dara O'Briain remains adept at shepherding his guests' reactions to the news - part effective quickfire puns, part Radio 4-friendly cleverness and, yes, part borderline offensive nonsense - into a cohesive whole.

For the comedians who stand in front of Mock the Week's lonely microphone, this isn't a bad summer in which to start a new series. As expectant silence falls around them, the World Cup, immigration rows and the build-up to the Commonwealth Games and Scottish referendum are all there to be clutched at. Tonight, regulars Andy Parsons, Hugh Dennis and our cerebral host are joined by Milton Jones, Ed Byrne and Romesh Ranganathan. Katherine Ryan is the solitary woman.

Emma Sturgess, Radio Times, 12th June 2014

Does anyone actually find Mock the Week amusing? It's about as funny as mass genocide and is everything that comedy shouldn't be...

Written by Craig Campbell (not the comedian). Sabotage Times, 2nd January 2014

Stewart Francis says he has quit Mock The Week - and that he will bow out of stand-up with a tour in 2015.

Chortle, 29th November 2013

Jimmy Carr has defended Mock the Week after it was recently criticised by Ross Noble.

Digital Spy, 27th November 2013

Comedian Ross Noble has revealed why he has never appeared on BBC Two current affairs comedy Mock the Week - because he thinks the spontaneity is faked.

Written by Ben Dowell. Radio Times, 28th October 2013

Stand-up Katherine Ryan has received vile death threats after a joke mentioning Filipinos on Mock The Week was interpreted as racist.

Chortle, 18th June 2013

At last fans of the topical comedy meltdown can turn aside from repeats on Dave and enjoy fresh comic meat in this new series. The rounds will be familiar - spinning the news, "Scenes we'd like to see" and so on - but the real laughs come from what are basically stand-up routines broken down into bite-sized chunks and delivered by masters of the art. Jostling for prominence with the regulars this week are Milton Jones, Josh Widdicombe and Katherine Ryan.

David Butcher, Radio Times, 13th June 2013

Rory Bremner, the comedian, has attacked BBC news quiz Mock the Week for being too aggressive and treating some guests with disrespect.

Written by James Hall. The Daily Telegraph, 1st January 2013

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