Lee Nelson's Well Good Show - Production Details

Lee Nelson's Well Good Show. Lee Nelson (Simon Brodkin). Image credit: Avalon Television.

"Simon Brodkin brings his critically acclaimed characters - including chav Lee Nelson and footballer Jason Bent - to a BBC Three audience"

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Comedy Details
Comedy Type:TV Sketch Show
Broadcast:Thu 10th June 2010 - Thu 13th October 2011  (BBC3)
Episode Count:15 (2 series)
Production Company :Avalon Television
Soundtrack:Pilot filmed on the 7th August 2009. Series 1 recorded 2010. Series 2 filmed on 30th June, 5th, 8th, 12th, 15th, 19th, and 22nd of July 2011. All at the Riverside Studios.
Laugh Track:YES, Live Audience
Regular Cast
Simon Brodkin ... Lee Nelson
Terry Noble ... Omelette
Kathy Berry ... Nan
Simon Brodkin ... Jason Bent
Simon Brodkin ... Dr Bob
Simon Brodkin ... Chris Young (Series 1)
Ben Willbond ... Ensemble (Various Roles) (Series 1)
Writing Team
Simon Brodkin ... Writer
Joe Wilkinson ... Writer (Additional Material) (Series 1)
Paul Garner ... Writer (Additional Material) (Series 1)
Russell Kane ... Writer (Additional Material) (Series 1)
Hal Cruttenden ... Writer (Additional Material) (Series 2)
Stephen Grant ... Writer (Additional Material) (Series 2)
Production Team
Adam Wimpenny ... Director (Series 1)
Peter Orton ... Director
Rebecca Rycroft ... Director (Series 2)
Richard Grocock ... Producer (Series 1)
Spencer Millman ... Producer
Richard Allen-Turner ... Exec Producer
Jon Thoday ... Exec Producer
Simon Wilson ... Exec Producer (Series 2)
James Dillon ... Production Design
Jon Blow ... Editor (Series 1)
Charlie Fawcett ... Editor (Series 1)
Graham Barker ... Editor
Steve Tempia ... Editor (Series 2)
Steve Nayler ... Editor (Series 2)
Matt Roberts ... Editor (Series 2)

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