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After receiving praise from viewers and critics alike, Sally Wainwright's Last Tango in Halifax returns to BBC One on Sunday. The third series catches up with newly married Alan and Celia as Alan's daughter Gillian heads out on a date with a mystery man and Celia's daughter Caroline makes big plans with partner Kate. We were lucky enough to grab some time with Sally to discuss the new series as well as her massive success of Happy Valley and ITV's Scott & Bailey.

The Custard, 21st December 2014

Nina Sosanya (Teachers, Cape Wrath) is back as Kate in the new season of Last Tango in Halifax next week.

Written by William Martin. Cult Box, 20th December 2014

Sherlock alum Rupert Graves has joined the cast of BBC One's Last Tango In Halifax.

TV Wise, 28th July 2014

Just days after the Tour de France zoomed through Yorkshire, the area has another event to be proud of... Last Tango in Halifax has begun shooting.

The Radio Times, 7th July 2014

A shell-shocked Sarah Lancashire picked up her very first Bafta gong last night for her role in Last Tango in Halifax.

Written by Ellie Walker-Arnott. The Radio Times, 19th May 2014

BBC One's Last Tango in Halifax is to be remade for French television.

Written by Morgan Jeffery. Digital Spy, 9th April 2014

The scope widened in series two of the Bafta-winning romantic drama, with as much screen time devoted to family strife as to pensionable lovers Alan and Celia's late-blooming courtship. Not that this is in any way a problem - in fact we now care just as much for the younger adults as we do for the recently reunited sweethearts. The key is the wit and wisdom that runs through Sally Wainwright's scripts, all subtly performed by such stars as Sarah Lancashire and the peerless Nicola Walker, the latter of whom was a picture of anguish for most of the run.

The Radio Times, 27th December 2013

I for one can't wait to find out what Wainwright has in store for Gillian and the rest of Last Tango's intoxicating cast of characters next time round.

Written by Gerard O'Donovan. The Daily Telegraph, 24th December 2013

Though Alan and Celia are the twin heartbeats of Last Tango, in many ways this series has been about the flourishing of another relationship, the one between their daughters Caroline and Gillian.

Last week's episode was pivotal for the women when, in vino veritas, spiky, defensive Gillian (Nicola Walker) revealed a very dark episode from her past to an unwitting Caroline (Sarah Lancashire). Tonight, in the last instalment of the series, the pair emerge from a foggy alcoholic night to take stock.

But don't run away with the idea that it's all grim. There is a wedding to organise as Alan and Celia (Anne Reid and Derek Jacobi) renew their vows on a snowy Christmas Eve. It's a lovely occasion and writer Sally Wainwright, with her gift for putting her finger exactly on a drama's emotional pulse, brings us an occasion to cherish.

Alison Graham, Radio Times, 24th December 2013

Derek Jacobi and Anne Reid star in the kind of British drama at which the BBC excels and, as the impressive viewing figures show, audiences still appreciate. The plot has modern flourishes (widower is reunited with childhood sweetheart via Facebook; lesbians) but this is an old-school, multi-generational observational family drama with comic subplot and it's all the better for it. Everything is pointing to a series-crowning wedding although, with an hour to fill and several other relationships hovering on the edge, we will have to work for our happy ending.

The Scotsman, 23rd December 2013

Last Tango in Halifax topped Tuesday night's ratings for a second week, according to overnight data.

Written by Tom Eames. Digital Spy, 18th December 2013

I found this to be a thoroughly satisfying instalment of a series that's had its ups and downs.

Primetime Unreality, 17th December 2013

It's Nicola Walker's turn to shine in the latest Last Tango in Halifax episode.

Written by Rachel Ward. The Telegraph, 17th December 2013

As Alan and Celia's wedding plans gather pace in the final episode of this second season, Gillian's drunken confession has left Caroline in something of a moral quandary. Caroline's also struggling to win back the affections of Kate, as Robbie is persuaded to take a chance with Gillian.

Love is firmly in the air, then, and as usual the calibre of the writing and acting is very high indeed. Whether it's light-hearted japes or more serious, lugubrious subject matter, the performances throughout are first rate, while the exchanges always feel genuine and realistic.

Of course, events culminate in the much-anticipated wedding itself, which doesn't disappoint. A touching and uplifting affair, it manages to tug on the heartstrings without becoming saccharine. Every plot is concluded quite neatly; given this sort of quality and such impressive ratings, it wouldn't be a surprise to see Last Tango in Halifax get a third series.

Jon Lynes, Time Out, 16th December 2013

Last Tango in Halifax bounced back to top the ratings on Tuesday (December 10), overnight data reveals.

Written by Tom Eames. Digital Spy, 11th December 2013

The superb acting skills of Derek Jacobi lifted the latest episode of Last Tango in Halifax, says Michael Hogan.

Written by Michael Hogan. The Daily Telegraph, 11th December 2013

In my recent reviews of Last Tango in Halifax, I've made much of the changing tone of a series which I believe has become a lot darker in its second run. But, in the last ten minutes of tonight's episode, I got the sense that the storm clouds were lifting.

Primetime Unreality, 10th December 2013

By the end of the episode you'll probably be so overwhelmed by some big poignant moments involving Derek Jacobi that you'll have to be helped up the stairs to bed. Make sure there's someone to plump your pillows and take care of you, you're going to need it, as Alan (Jacobi) comes to terms with loss. Jacobi is so heartbreakingly good it's hard not to stand back, nod sagely and say to yourself, yep, that's acting, proper acting, all while you're having a good old cry.

Absence is very much a theme as Caroline (Sarah Lancashire) embarks on her weekend with girlfriend Kate (Nina Sosanya), a mini-break that proves unexpectedly lonely when Caroline has a failure of nerve. They meet the old friend who Kate wants to sire her child, and he's a self-centred, garrulous bore.

Alison Graham, Radio Times, 10th December 2013

Awkwardness and confusion abound as Caroline (Sarah Lancashire) and Kate's romantic country weekend doesn't pan out quite as intended, John's designs on Gillian turn into a busy night down on the farm and Alan and Celia fret over skeletons in the closet. The plot of this engaging saga doesn't so much advance as entertainingly whirl round in circles - with a spot of teen bondage threatening to send Celia (Anne Reid) over the edge.

Carol Carter and Larushka Ivan-Zadeh, Metro, 10th December 2013

The shockwaves from Gillian's escaped secret are still evident tonight, as Celia tries to reassure Alan that he did the right thing in keeping shtum. Elsewhere, Kate and Caroline's romance hits some turbulence as a mini-break turns sour upon the arrival of a new character. Then Alan hears some news that puts him in mind of family unification. Meanwhile, hapless John (a consistently brilliant performance by Tony Gardner) makes another one of his impulsive decisions about love. Splendid.

Julia Raeside, The Guardian, 10th December 2013

I have no doubt that families can behave that badly, but can they behave so efficiently badly? There's a danger that this may undermine the portrayal of Alan and Celia's relationship itself.

Written by Clarissa Tan. The Spectator, 7th December 2013

Melodrama is threatening to undermine the carefully built characters in Last Tango in Halifax, says Neil Midgley.

Written by Neil Midgley. The Daily Telegraph, 3rd December 2013

Too many people give too much away in Sally Wainwright's masterly drama, as Last Tango in Halifax takes some very dark turns. Emotional scabs that have never healed are ripped away by unwitting hands and the families at the heart of the drama pulse with the pain of open wounds. Celia (Anne Reid) inadvertently, though very thoughtlessly (and typically, as Reid told RT recently, because Celia is not a very nice woman), throws light on a bleak corner in the grim farm on the hill that illuminates a past sadness.

Soon relationships start to sunder under the pressure of exposed secrets and long-buried lies. Even that absolutely gorgeous house in Harrogate (oh, that kitchen! Those gardens!) is quietly starting to foment when it appears that lovers Caroline and Kate (Sarah Lancashire and Nina Sosanya) might want very different things, and a moment of tenderness sparks a crisis.

Alison Graham, Radio Times, 3rd December 2013

Jasmine, Poppy, Grace, Rose? The birth of Gillian's granddaughter is all the push Kate needs to fantasise about names for the hypothetical baby she dreams of having with Caroline. New parents Ellie and Raff are way out of their depth and behaving like spoilt brats. And with the stresses and strains rippling out through the family, emotional fractures open up to reveal hurtful truths and lies buried beneath the surface in Celia and Alan's extended family.

Carol Carter and Larushka Ivan-Zadeh, Metro, 3rd December 2013

Nicola Walker was the star of the episode in my opinion as she totally made you feel for Gillian throughout the course of the story.

Primetime Unreality, 26th November 2013

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