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A death row inmate spent the final days before his scheduled execution watching episodes of classic British comedy Last Of The Summer Wine.

Written by Sam Adams. Daily Mirror, 29th January 2015

Ooh Marina! Last of the Summer Wine tart with a heart sells bike she and Howard used for liaisons - but don't tell Pearl.

Huddersfield Daily Examiner, 6th September 2014

Last of the Summer Wine began 40 years ago and Michael Deacon celebrates the charm of the world's longest-running sitcom.

Written by Michael Deacon. The Daily Telegraph, 12th November 2013

Last of the Summer Wine is the most repeated show on British television so far this year, clocking up ten days worth of continuous viewing already, a survey from the British Comedy Guide has revealed.

Written by Jasper Copping. The Sunday Telegraph, 6th April 2013

The final episode of long-running sitcom Last of the Summer Wine attracted 5.4 million viewers, according to overnight figures.

BBC News, 30th August 2010

Hardly a vintage ending.

Written by Tom Sutcliffe. The Independent, 30th August 2010

Michael Deacon reviews the last ever episode of the Last of the Summer Wine (BBC One).

Written by Michael Deacon. The Daily Telegraph, 30th August 2010

The curtain fell on the world's longest-running sitcom, Last Of The Summer Wine, last night but without any escapades involving a bathtub.

The Daily Telegraph, 30th August 2010

Farewell to Clegg and co as BBC TV series that ran for 37 years and 295 episodes ends tonight.

Written by Helen Pidd. The Guardian, 29th August 2010

Ever since its debut in 1973, Roy Clarke's genial sitcom has revolved around henpecked husbands and embittered wives, so it's only fitting that the climax should concern itself with a wedding. The occasion allows for a gathering of the major characters including - through the use of some canny editing - Truly and Clegg, both of whom have rarely been seen outside of their homes of late. Plus we also get a resolution to the saga of Howard and Pearl, whose marital strife has dominated this last run of episodes. But as a series finale, it lacks the required sense of poignancy, mainly because it wasn't known for sure at the time of filming that there were to be no further outings. And Summer Wine can do touching when required - long-standing devotees will recall Compo's funeral and the trip to Dunkirk, for instance. These are the fans who'll be left wishing Clarke had been given the opportunity to pen a more fitting send-off.

David Brown, Radio Times, 29th August 2010

Last of the Summer Wine draws to a close tonight. We feel sure that the royal family, all firm fans, will be watching.

The Observer, 29th August 2010

It's the end of an era, as the cork comes out of the bottle of Britain's longest-running sitcom for the last time. Roy Clarke's beloved tales of a group of hapless old men in a West Yorkshire village first appeared on our screens in 1973, but the show has gone on to carve a host of indelible characters, such as Bill Owen's Compo and Kathy Staff's Nora Batty, onto the television landscape. Tonight, Howard (Robert Fyfe) despairs of being allowed back into the marital home to retrieve his wedding suit.

Chris Harvey, The Daily Telegraph, 28th August 2010

The holy trinity - Foggy, Compo and Nora - have long departed, sadly, but original cast member Peter Sallis remains to provide continuity down the full length of Last Of The Summer Wine's 37 years. Unsurprisingly for a show whose whole purpose was to illustrate the equanimity it might be possible to have with the later stages of a quiet life, tonight's very final episode is gentle stuff. As the gang assemble for a wedding, Howard is left in the cold by Pearl, who may not even let him have his best suit. You may want to be in that number as the last bathtub, so to speak, is precariously rolled down the hill.

The Guardian, 28th August 2010

'Last of the Summer Wine' ends tomorrow. We won't see its like again, says David Quantick.

Written by David Quantick. The Daily Telegraph, 27th August 2010

It has to be said, Last Of The Summer Wine isn't exactly my (nor anyone under the age of 40's) bag.

Written by Nicola Young. On The Box, 27th August 2010

The world's longest-running sitcom, Last of the Summer Wine, comes to an end this weekend. In the Yorkshire town where the series is set, fans are preparing to bid farewell to a TV institution.

Written by James Alexander. BBC News, 27th August 2010

The final ever episode of Last of the Summer Wine airs on BBC1 on Sunday, ending an incredible 37 years and 31 series that made it the world's longest-running sitcom. And in an interview in the latest edition of Radio Times magazine, actor Peter Sallis reveals that Her Majesty the Queen is among the show's fans.

Written by Paul Jones. Radio Times, 24th August 2010

After 37 years of capers from Compo and his pals, Last of the Summer Wine says goodbye this week. One thing it has taught us, says Yasmeen Khan, is that elderly people can still have fun.

Written by Yasmeen Khan. BBC News, 23rd August 2010

How has this sitcom lasted so long? Maybe it is wrong to criticise a show which is not only virtually catchphrase-free but which has, for whatever reason, found a definite niche in the popular psyche.

Written by Chris Hallam. Chortle, 16th August 2010

The non-swimming Sallis would later recall that he managed to escape the river only because he was able to put a foot on a hard object under the water and lever himself out on to the bank. That hard object turned out to be Owen's head.

Written by Andrew Vine. The Daily Mail, 14th August 2010

Long-running TV hit Last Of The Summer Wine will bow out with a line from the show's longest serving star Peter Sallis, it was revealed today.

Wales Online, 12th August 2010

As the final series begins, the creator of Last of the Summer Wine says the upcoming episodes were written in the knowledge they would be the last. In an exclusive interview with the Examiner, author/ scriptwriter Roy Clarke says that far from the axe coming as a shock, the BBC had made it clear to him that this was the end. He also says that the final episode does have a "quiet" ending which he believes is fitting for the show, filmed in Holmfirth.

Written by Kevin Core. Huddersfield Examiner, 24th July 2010

So an era comes to an end, with the start of the final series of the world's longest-running sitcom. Its stars are disgruntled there will be no farewell finale. Instead, the Beeb is marking the event with a Countryfile special filmed in Holmfirth (the sitcom's setting) at 8.00pm. In the meantime, there's six episodes left, starting tonight with Toby (Trevor Bannister) and Morton's (Christopher Beeny) woman trouble.

Michael Hogan, The Daily Telegraph, 24th July 2010

A look at the characters, running gags and location which made Last of the Summer Wine the world's longest-running sitcom.

Written by Dani Garavelli. The Scotsman, 18th July 2010

His father played Compo in Last Of The Summer Wine for 26 years - but he was also a matinee star and a querulous, distant Dad. Now as the series ends for ever, Tom Owen (himself a veteran of the epic comedy) paints a revealing picture of his father Bill and asks: Why couldn't the BBC commission a decent final episode?

Written by Richard Barber. The Sunday Mail, 18th July 2010

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