Katy Brand's Big Ass Show. Katy Brand. Image credit: World's End Productions.

Katy Brand's Big Ass Show

ITV sketch show starring Katy Brand. Sketches include impersonations of famous stars and singers

Katy Brand's Big Ass Songs
Sketch Show
2007 - 2009  (ITV2)
19 (3 series)
Katy Brand, Katherine Parkinson, David Armand, Margaret Cabourn-Smith, Zoe Gardner, Rufus Jones, Tom Knight, James Lance, Joan Linder, Joanna Neary, Rupert Russell & more
Katy Brand, David Armand, Andrew Dawson, Steve Dawson, Tim Inman, Peter Morris, Andy Riley, Kevin Cecil, Rupert Russell, Sam Spedding, Nick Tanner
World's End Productions

A sketch show starring Katy Brand that focuses on pop star skits and spoofs of well known actresses and celebrities.

Regular characters include Kate 'Normal' Winslet who is determined to show the public she is just like them; Kate Moss and her BFFs Sadie Frost and Stella McCartney; and 'jack of all trades' Lilly Allen who will turn her hand to anything from acting to hair bleaching.

Meanwhile the original characters creations for the show include Captain 'Be The Best' Rosie who investigates life on the 'civvy streets' for Armed Forces TV; and Caroline Little Treats who tries to make sense of life armed with a billion Heat magazines and a vat full of wine.

New pop star parodies for the second series included Amy Winehouse, The Ting Tings, Kate Nash, Leona Lewis, Mika, Usher, and Take That. Meanwhile new sketches included The Secret Diary of a Victorian Strumpet, hapless Olympic hopeful Cheryl Mirmikidis and East End gangster Her Majesty, The Queen.

New characters for Series 3 include Jennifer Aniston, who would like you all to know 'she's fine, absolutely fine', and the lost Penelope Cruz audition tapes, from Four Weddings And A Funeral to Brokeback Mountain. There's a double albums worth of totally new musical send ups too, including; Kanye West, Coldplay, Duffy, Lady Gaga, Mark Ronson, Alexandra Burke, Rihanna, Little Boots, U2, The Saturdays, Rihanna, Blur and The Killers.

Other new characters include: Violet, the unsuspecting wife of a serial killer; Oedipus Bex every young boy's nightmare nympho stepmum; and Gwyneth Paltrow uses the internet to tell you how to live your life...

Our Review: We've got to give this comedy a lot of credit - in our opinion it's one of the best sketch shows to air on digital TV.

They've managed to do a lot with the budget (the big musical numbers are particularly good) and Brand has shown herself to be an actor with range. Admittedly though, like most comedies in this genre, things do become a bit repetitive towards the end of each of the series.