The Justin Lee Collins Show. Justin Lee Collins. Image credit: Objective Productions.

The Justin Lee Collins Show

Joined by a host of top celebrity guests, each week JLC set out to bring joy to the masses in this comedic chat show

Chat Show
2009  (ITV2)
10 (1 series)
Justin Lee Collins
Tim Allsop, Stewart Williams
Objective Productions

Award-winning comedy presenter Justin Lee Collins presents his very own entertainment show. Joined by a host of top celebrity guests, each week JLC sets out to bring joy to the masses via his very own comedic chat show.

There is everything you would expect from the lovable Bristolian comedian; big studio set pieces, amusing VT items, cheeky hidden camera stunts, live music and audience surprises, but the theme always remains the same. It's all about "the good times"!

Our Review: This show made a strong debut, with a good mix of guests and studio items. However, at an hour long, the episodes were slightly too lengthy a slog for the viewer. We think the show would have benefited from a shorter run time, allowing for some additional editing to take place.

Being very much in the same vein as The Graham Norton Show, it was a bit cheeky of ITV to schedule this show directly against Norton's BBC2 series.

There was rumours the show would be back for a second series, but at the time of writing Justin Lee Collins has signed an exclusive presenting deal with Channel Five, so it seems less likely now that the show will be back.