Series 1 (2011)

1. Episode One

First Broadcast: Thu 22nd September 2011

Jo attempts synchronised diving and invites Sean Lock to join her in a very muddy race.

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2. Episode Two

First Broadcast: Thu 29th September 2011

Jo Brand asks Bill Bailey to help her assess the trendy new craze of wild swimming, and also tackles the Olympic white water canoe slalom course.

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3. Episode Three

First Broadcast: Thu 6th October 2011

Jo Brand meets a man who can hold his breath underwater for a staggering 20 minutes, and Rich Hall tries a traditional canal holiday.

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4. Episode Four

First Broadcast: Thu 13th October 2011

Jo Brand meets the RNLI as they train for a maritime emergency and joins Meera Syal in a raft race.

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5. Episode Five

First Broadcast: Thu 20th October 2011

After spending several months exploring the British love of water, Jo Brand performs a one-off comedy set reflecting on her experiences of Britain's lakes, rivers and seas.

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