Jo Brand Through The Cakehole - Production Details

Jo Brand Through The Cakehole. Jo Brand. Image credit: Channel X.

"Sketches and stand-up from the deadpan female comic Jo Brand"

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Comedy Details
Comedy Type:TV Stand-Up
Broadcast:Thu 30th December 1993 - Fri 16th February 1996  (C4)
Episode Count:14 (pilot + 2 series)
Production Company :Channel X
Filming Locations:Filmed at Teddington Studios.
Laugh Track:YES, Live Audience
Regular Cast
Jo Brand ... Host / Presenter
Writing Team
Jo Brand ... Writer
Jim Miller ... Writer (Series 1)
Jeff Green ... Writer (Additional Material) (Series 1)
Production Team
Mike Adams ... Director (Series 1)
Declan Lowney ... Director (Series 2)
Geoff Atkinson ... Producer
Katie Lander ... Exec Producer
Graeme Story ... Production Design (Series 1)
Dennis De Groot ... Production Design (Series 2)
Helen Scott ... Production Design (Series 2)
Jakko M. Jakszyk ... Composer (Series 1)
Simon Brint ... Composer (Series 1)
Mykola Pawluk ... Editor (Series 1)
Peter Baikie
(as Pete Baikie)
... Composer (Series 2)
Mark Lawrence ... Editor (Series 2)

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