Episode 2.2 - Work Experience

It's work experience week at school. Jay and Simon work at a plant hire, but a mix-up leaves Neil at a newspaper and Will at a garage.

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In-Depth Episode Synopsis

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It's work experience week at school, and while Jay has sorted out something for himself and Simon at his dad's plant hire, a mix-up leaves Neil at a paper and Will at a garage. Mr Gilbert is either unable or unwilling to change things, so Will gets to see life in a place where he is "too clever" to actually work.

First Broadcast Details

Thu 9th April 2009
30 minutes

Main Repeats

  • Fri 20th Mar 2015 (2:50am, E4)
  • Sun 5th Apr 2015 (10:40pm, E4)
  • Sun 11th Oct 2015 (1:15am, E4)
  • Sun 11th Oct 2015 (11:55pm, E4)

Episode 2.2 Cast & Crew

Regular Cast
Simon Bird ... Will Mackenzie
Joe Thomas ... Simon Cooper
James Buckley ... Jay Cartwright
Blake Harrison ... Neil Sutherland
Belinda Stewart-Wilson ... Polly McKenzie (Will's Mum)
David Schaal ... Terry Cartwright (Jay's Dad)
Alex Macqueen ... Kevin Sutherland (Neil's Dad)
Greg Davies ... Mr Gilbert
Emily Atack ... Charlotte Hinchcliffe
Guest Cast
Charlie Wernham ... Danny Moore (Hard Kid)
Scott McNess ... Danny's Mate
Cavan Clerkin ... Jim (Garage Boss)
David Fynn ... Wolfie (Garage Worker)
Adam G Goodwin ... Toby (Newspaper Journalist)
Holly Peplow ... Hannah (Simon's Young Admirer)
Writing Team
Damon Beesley ... Writer
Iain Morris ... Writer
Robert Popper ... Script Editor
Production Team
Ben Palmer ... Director
Christopher Young ... Producer
Damon Beesley ... Exec Producer
Iain Morris ... Exec Producer
Richard Drew ... Production Design
William Webb ... Editor
Charlie Fawcett ... Editor

Video Clips From This Episode

Episode 2.2 - Guess Who's Got A Date?

Will has sorted himself out a date... but the others want to come along too.

Featuring: Simon Bird (Will Mackenzie), Joe Thomas (Simon Cooper), James Buckley (Jay Cartwright), Blake Harrison (Neil Sutherland).

Episode 2.2 - Work Experience

Will thinks he might have been assigned the wrong work experience placement.

Featuring: Simon Bird (Will Mackenzie), James Buckley (Jay Cartwright), Blake Harrison (Neil Sutherland), Greg Davies (Mr Gilbert).

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