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Johnny Vegas has admitted that he was "really cross" when Ideal was axed.

Written by Mayer Nissim. Digital Spy, 23rd October 2013

Johnny Vegas has hit out at BBC Three controller Zai Bennett over the axing of his sitcom Ideal earlier this year.

Written by Alex Fletcher. Digital Spy, 23rd November 2011

Okay, you might want to stand back, because I am about to stick my neck out. I am going to do it by saying this; I believe Ideal is the most ethnically diverse programme on British TV. Our huge cast of characters encompasses Black, Asian, Caucasian, Mixed-Race, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, American, Greek, Russian, heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual and blind. We even have a recovering necrophiliac.

Written by Graham Duff. BBC Comedy Blog, 30th June 2011

In tonight's episode of Ideal, there's a scene where the pregnant Yasuko (Haruka Kuroda) is sitting alone in Moz's living room. She glances up, only to see a woman in a long, flowing, black latex dress standing upside down on the ceiling.

Written by Graham Duff. BBC Comedy Blog, 23rd June 2011

Tonight's episode of Ideal, aside from hopefully being funny and moving and quite scary, will also be mightily tuneful. The soundtrack to this particular episode features contributions from, amongst others, Broadcast, DJ Kudos, The Frequency, Slipstream, Warpaint, Barry Adamson, Clinic, Misha Begley, Venus Ray and Coil.

Written by Graham Duff. BBC Comedy Blog, 16th June 2011

Moz's pursuit of Tilly continues tonight as he goes along with her misapprehension that he's a conceptual artist. She arranges an exhibition for him with genuinely hilarious consequences. Meanwhile, Nikki's sister Jess decides to experiment with ketamine. Great idea when your boyfriend's got a plastic cartoon mask for a face. If you've never seen it, Ideal is like the fire alarm's gone off at Bedlam but with tightly scripted gags and satisfying narrative arcs. And if you still haven't seen it, do something about that now. You won't regret it.

Julia Raeside, The Daily Telegraph, 16th June 2011

Johnny Vegas is a larger than life character - but his Ideal co-star Cartoon Head gave him a run for his money when 50 masked fans formed a flashmob. The group wore mouse masks as they paraded and danced around Media City and the Lowry Outlet Mall in Salford. Cartoon Head, who never speaks in the Salford-set comedy-drama, is a favourite character for many Ideal fans. The 50th episode of the show goes out tonight at 10.30pm on BBC3.

The Daily Mirror, 9th June 2011

Tonight will see Ideal reach it's 50th episode. An uncommon achievement for any programme. Especially a British comedy series. Whilst U.S. comedies frequently rack up hundreds of installments, it's very rare indeed for a UK production to pass the 12 episode mark. Many of course, don't even make it that far.

Written by Graham Duff. BBC Comedy Blog, 9th June 2011

The most consistent sitcom currently on British screens reaches its 50th episode tonight. With Moz and Nikki now rival dealers on the same patch, they decide to unite against the looming threat of The Red Mist. Meanwhile, things get complicated over at Carmel's brothel when her ex-pimp turns up unannounced. Even after all this time, they manage to keep things fresh with the introduction of a ridiculous new enemy; a bunch of people in ginger wigs who move silently around the tower block.

Julia Raeside, The Guardian, 9th June 2011

To celebrate Ideal's 50th episode, series creator Graham Duff lists his 50 favourite characters.

Written by Graham Duff. The Guardian, 4th June 2011

If you were to listen to received wisdom, Ideal is simply "a show about drugs". In reality, of course, Ideal is no more a show about drugs than Only Fools And Horses was a show about stolen goods.

Written by Graham Duff. BBC Comedy Blog, 2nd June 2011

Moz tries to call in his debts but a surprising number of his mates are conveniently skint. Meanwhile, Nikki's sister is falling for Cartoon Head, despite Nikki's warnings to steer clear. This seventh series is warming up nicely (after Paul Weller's ace cameo last week) and which other UK sitcom can boast the subtle, un-starry presence of Janeane Garofalo in a supporting role, back to her Larry Sanders best? Graham Duff's ability to write seven of these incredible series (and play one of its funniest characters) should be enthusiastically applauded.

Julia Raeside, The Guardian, 2nd June 2011

Series seven of Johnny Vegas' sitcom Ideal debuted with almost 630,000 on Thursday evening, while Celebrity Juice remained popular on ITV2, according to the latest audience data.

Written by Andrew Laughlin. Digital Spy, 27th May 2011

While some of BBC3's other long-running sitcoms have been somewhat, well, awful, Ideal soldiers on, managing to be sometimes brilliant, oft-times puerile and always interesting. In the first episode Johnny Vegas is joined by guest stars - weirdly, the usually reticent and annoying Paul Weller comes across as quite playful and the ever lovely Kara Tointon (still wearing Strictly make-up) is her ever lovely self.

As for the plot, Moz wins back his Jenny but she's joined the police force, which makes things difficult. It's not perfect but you can't be too hard on something with full-on musical moments, some good jokes and some underplayed poignant drama too.

tvBite, 26th May 2011

Ideal returns to BBC Three tonight for a seventh series at 10.30pm. Writer Graham Duff explains the art of finding a special guest...

Written by Graham Duff. BBC Comedy Blog, 26th May 2011

Series seven of the baked sitcom, which returns every year to a space several yards to the left of leftfield. It has a voice and a style all its own: not laugh-out-loud funny so much as grotesquely amusing and just slightly disturbing, thanks to imaginative, off-kilter camerawork and music, and the fact that the characters all seem like the sort of people who'd be selfish and mercurial even if they weren't on drugs. Tonight, indolent hash dealer Moz (Johnny Vegas) orders pizza from the fascist place across the road, before trying to win his girlfriend back. He's soon distracted when a friend is stabbed and has to fight for his life, a development that would make virtually any other show quicken its pace. Not Ideal.

Jack Seale, Radio Times, 26th May 2011

A seventh series for Graham Duff's exemplary weed-com, starring Johnny Vegas as Moz, the hapless dealer and woman magnet. We join him desperately trying to win back the heart of Jenny, but dismayed to find she has taken up with the police force. And lord knows he's been through enough already, what with the kidnapped dad and the Triads and so on. Any sitcom that can leap deftly from straight drama to surrealism to full-blown musical and back again deserves far more acclaim than Ideal gets. Truly a show of which BBC3 can be proud.

Julia Raeside, The Guardian, 26th May 2011

Johnny Vegas's puerile comedy about hapless small-time dope-dealer Moz has managed to make it to a seventh series. It's not that the antics of Moz (Vegas) and his dope-head clients aren't funny (they frequently are), it's just nothing much ever happens. In tonight's series opener, which features guest appearances from Paul Weller and Kara Tointon, Moz plots to win back his true love Jenny - until he discovers she has joined the police force.

Clive Morgan, The Daily Telegraph, 25th May 2011

Dope opera Ideal makes its long awaited return to BBC3 on Thursday 26th May - and there will be some extra special guest stars knocking on Moz's dingy door.

Written by Rob Leigh. The Daily Mirror, 18th May 2011

Harnessing the same advanced technology as before we can now show you how many people there are behind the scenes, most of whom appear to be doing nothing, but are in fact working incredibly hard to make fantastic comedy.

Written by Jon Aird. BBC Comedy Blog, 14th September 2010

Do you enjoy watching Ideal but get the feeling you might be missing something? Do you ever yearn to spin the camera round or suddenly make it point at the ceiling in the middle of a scene for no particular reason? Now you can!

Written by David Thair. BBC Comedy Blog, 1st September 2010

It's a queer cove of a show, this. The action never staggers far from the hovel of hash 'n' weed seller Moz (Johnny Vegas), so there's no variation of location - and often, his stoner customers simply take turns to arrive, act funny for a bit and leave, so there's not much story to grab onto. Losing your concentration would be forgivable and, perhaps, appropriate. But the eclectic supporting cast are worth staying awake for. This episode offers a hilarious pop duo - berks in leotards and Phil Oakey hairdos - and Sean Lock, who straps on his breasts again as dour transsexual Natalie. Most excitingly, Moz's new neighbour is played by Janeane Garofalo, once a star of The Larry Sanders Show.

Jack Seale, Radio Times, 24th August 2010

Ideal, the tale of shut-in drug dealer Moz (Johnny Vegas) began its sixth series last night with Moz apparently being decapitated by PC Phil. From there, things unfolded with their usual skill, with Vegas's beautiful, idiosyncratic brand of melancholic comedy infusing everything. It now comes with added Sean Lock - as Brian's ex- and now transgendered wife. Rich, dark and satisfying as best plum cake.

Lucy Mangan, The Guardian, 18th August 2010

With a plot line that's bound to be nicked by CSI if they haven't already used it - a cunning twister involving a beheading that turns out to be a case of mistaken identity - Ideal (BBC3) returned for a stoned-out-of-its-brain sixth series. Who'd have thought there'd be so much mileage in Johnny Vegas as a deadbeat drug dealer?

It probably helps if you're under some kind of influence in order to stomach scenes where Vegas gets pleasured, but once you've drifted into Ideal's alternative world of bong, it offers a smorgasbord of surreal pleasures, not least answering the troubling conundrum of what Sean Lock would look like if he sported a pair of fake breasts. Well, it had troubled me.

Keith Watson, Metro, 17th August 2010

The success of the show is greatly dependant on a strong ensemble cast of peculiar characters.

Written by Ewan Roberts. On The Box, 17th August 2010

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