Horrible Histories With Stephen Fry. Stephen Fry. Image credit: Lion Television.

Horrible Histories With Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry presents prime-time highlight from the multi award-winning childrens' sketch show

Sketch Show
2011  (BBC One)
6 (1 series)
Stephen Fry, Jim Howick, Simon Farnaby, Ben Willbond, Mathew Baynton, Martha Howe-Douglas, Sarah Hadland, Laurence Rickard, Jon Culshaw, Jess Robinson, Meera Syal & more
Terry Deary, Steve Punt, Jon Holmes, Lucy Clarke, Dave Cohen, Susie Donkin, Ben Ward, Marc Blakewill, James Harris, George Poles, Greg Jenner
Lion Television
& Citrus Television

Horrible Histories, the Bafta and British Comedy Award-winning sketch show has a new look and time slot, featuring the very best sketches from the first two series, with added insight and historical nuggets provided by Stephen Fry. The hit CBBC show, which has long been a guilty pleasure for parents, is set to go mainstream with this newly packaged six-episode highlights package.

From the Savage Stone Age through to the Woeful Second World War, each episode features a mixture of the sketches, songs and popular pastiches from the different eras that have made the show such a huge success.

Our Review: Horrible Histories is brilliant, so it's great to see this show setting out specifically to deliver some of its best sketches to a wider audience. And it really hasn't disappointed; even to those portions of the British Comedy Guide team who held reservations about the original series, this collection of highlights proved to be highly enjoyable, and great fun. Fingers crossed for another helping after Series 4...