Him & Her - Production Details

Him & Her. Image shows from L to R: Steve (Russell Tovey), Becky (Sarah Solemani). Image credit: Big Talk Productions.

"BBC Three sitcom set around a lazy working-class couple in their mid-20s, and following the minutiae of their relationship and lives"

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Comedy Details
Comedy Type:TV Sitcom
Alternate Names:Young, Unemployed And Lazy (Working Title); Him & Her: The Wedding
Broadcast:Mon 6th September 2010 - Thu 19th December 2013  (BBC3)
Episode Count:25 (4 series)
Production Company :Big Talk Productions
Laugh Track:NO, Laugh Track Free
Regular Cast
Russell Tovey ... Steve
Sarah Solemani ... Becky
Kerry Howard ... Laura
Ricky Champ ... Paul
Joe Wilkinson ... Dan
Camille Coduri ... Shelly
Writing Team
Stefan Golaszewski ... Writer
Robert Popper ... Script Editor (Series 1-2)
Production Team
Richard Laxton ... Director
Kenton Allen ... Producer (Series 1-3)
Lyndsay Robinson ... Producer (Series 4)
Matthew Justice ... Exec Producer
Nira Park ... Exec Producer (Series 1-2)
Kenton Allen ... Exec Producer (Series 4)
Stefan Golaszewski ... Exec Producer (Series 4)
John Stevenson ... Production Design (Series 1 & 3)
Huw Arthur ... Production Design (Series 2)
Simon Rogers ... Production Design (Series 4)
Tony Cranstoun ... Editor (Series 2)
Charlie Phillips ... Editor (Series 3)
Kim Gaster ... Editor (Series 4)
Other Cast / Crew
Lucy Lumsden ... Commissioner
Danny Cohen ... Commissioner

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