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Including Potato Storage International, Lighthouse Digest and Beverage Dynamic.

Written by Caroline Westbrook. Metro, 17th April 2015

Executive producer Richard Wilson on why he would like to book Jeremy Paxman as a guest host on Have I Got News For You - and not marking 25 years of the show.

Written by Tara Conlan. The Guardian, 12th April 2015

The former Top Gear presenter withdrew because he knew he would be 'slaughtered' by panellists Paul Merton and Ian Hislop.

Written by Nigel Pauley. The Daily Mirror, 11th April 2015

Have I Got News for You returned to 4.57 million viewers on BBC One. Hosted by Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe, the first episode of the 49th series earned a 21.5% audience share at 9pm. It was the evening's highest-rated show outside of soaps.

Written by Liam Martin. Digital Spy, 11th April 2015

It's still a shock seeing Daniel Radcliffe dressed as a grown-up and sporting actual facial hair, as he did hosting the returning Have I Got News For You.

Written by Ed Power. The Daily Telegraph, 10th April 2015

Just goes to show that there is no such thing as totally bad publicity.

Written by Bruce Dessau. Beyond the Joke, 8th April 2015

BBC chiefs have decided to allow the presenter back on screen on April 24, despite ­dropping him from Top Gear for allegedly assaulting a producer.

Written by Nicola Methven. The Daily Mirror, 7th April 2015

Hat Trick Productions is trialling transforming Have I Got News For You's Twitter account into an ongoing satirical profile.

Written by Alex Farber. Broadcast Now, 14th November 2014

In an extract from his new autobiography, the comedian remembers the beginning of the iconic panel show.

Written by Paul Merton. The Radio Times, 10th October 2014

Why do they do it? MPs who appear on BBC's Have I Got News For You, I mean.

Conservative Peter Bone was the latest to enter the lion's den and receive a mauling, with an old headline dragged up accusing him of being "Britain's meanest boss" for paying a trainee 87p an hour, and then just as predictably contrasted with another story that he employs his wife as one of the best-paid secretaries in the House of Commons.

It all made for toe-curling viewing as he floundered. But he's hardly alone - off the top of my head I can recall fellow Tory MP Michael Fabricant, former UKIP member Godfrey Bloom (the one who said women who didn't clean behind the fridge were "sluts") and Labour's then defence secretary Bob Ainsworth all making similar gruesome appearances. In every case, vanity triumphs over caution. Boris and Nigel Farage are the only two politicians who can remotely pull off such stunts.

One further point: the Beeb's decision to run its other comedy quiz Would I Lie To You? directly before HIGNFY is a particularly cruel piece of scheduling. The former show, thanks to team captains Lee Mack and David Mitchell and host Rob Brydon, is as sharp as a tack and laugh out loud; messrs Hislop and Merton's effort, by contrast, now looks creaking and dated.

Fergus Kelly, The Express, 8th October 2014

Paul Merton believes that former conservative politician Ann Widdecombe got cocky when hosting the topical quiz.

Written by Huw Fullerton. Digital Spy, 4th October 2014

Have I Got News for You has run for 47 seasons - can satire in Britain survive for its 48th?

Written by Olivia Goldhill. The Telegraph, 3rd October 2014

Where were the court jesters when we needed them? Through the heavy developments of the past few months, we could have done with a few satirical sideswipes from the Have I Got News for You panel to lighten the load. There's nothing like a barb from Ian Hislop or a childish quip from Paul Merton to put recent events in perspective.

Now at least, they're back for a new run, and in the hot seat once again is the unflappable Jennifer Saunders as guest host. Even better, the great Armando Iannucci joins one of the teams, not least to offer a Scottish point of view, while excellent actress and stand-up Sara Pascoe makes her debut.

David Butcher, Radio Times, 3rd October 2014

"Why did you go on it?" I asked. "Because I couldn't figure out," explained Paul Daniels, "why my very funny friends weren't funny when they were on it.

Written by John Fleming. 9th July 2014

A report has cleared the satirical quiz show Have I Got News For You of offending Prince Harry, on the basis that it is a 'tradition' to poke fun at the royals.

Written by Alisdair Glennie. The Daily Mail, 17th June 2014

The BBC One panel show, which was hosted by Jeremy Clarkson, was Friday's highest-rated show outside of soaps, attracting 4.46 million (20.6%) viewers at 9pm.

Written by Liam Martin. Digital Spy, 19th April 2014

Ian Hislop has said that a large part of the problem with getting more women on panel shows is that they simply don't want to take part because of the format.

Written by Alex Fletcher. Digital Spy, 11th April 2014

Nowadays the show has become self satisfied, unsurprising and rather up itself.

Written by John White. Digital Fix, 5th April 2014

Have I Got News For You was Friday's (April 4) highest rated primetime show outside of soaps.

Written by Liam Martin. Digital Spy, 5th April 2014

As the big beast of the panel-show genre rouses itself for a 47th series, we know what to expect. Nobody would pretend the show's satirical edge is as sharp as it once was or that the scripted gags supplied to the host aren't sometimes embarrassingly poor (you can often see team captains Ian Hislop and Paul Merton wince in sympathy). But it's still the best place to see the week's news given a going-over and it's good to have it back.

Jennifer Saunders takes the presenter's hot seat for the first time and Richard Osman, who generally raises everyone's game a peg or two, is a guest.

David Butcher, Radio Times, 4th April 2014

The Methuselah-like panel show begins its 47th series, with Jennifer Saunders in the host's seat for the first time. How she's never landed the gig before when the likes of Fern Britton and Jerry Springer have is a mystery. Elsewhere, Pointless chap Richard Osman will put his panel show nous (he's had a hand in creating 8 Out Of 10 Cats and Charlie Brooker vehicle You Have Been Watching) to good use as a guest panellist. It's years past its real peak, but still diverting enough.

Gwilym Mumford, The Guardian, 4th April 2014

So, David Blunkett thinks that Have I Got News For You should be considered as a current affairs show - not a comedy show - so that it gets more rigorously scrutinised. I can't think of a better compliment to pay a satirical programme really.

Written by Julian Hall. The Stage, 3rd January 2014

Have I Got News For You led Friday night's primetime ratings outside of soaps, drawing in 4.68m viewers.

Written by Liam Martin. Digital Spy, 14th December 2013

The Mirror's TV critic Ian Hyland says the BBC's flagship topical comedy show needs more female talent, cleverer gags and more amusing material.

Written by Ian Hyland. The Daily Mirror, 3rd December 2013

It used to be the go-to show for forensic news satire. But thanks to Twitter and co, it's up against far faster - and often just as sharp - competition. Is it time for the final edition?

Written by Stuart Heritage. The Guardian, 3rd December 2013

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