Episode 1.5

Sara and the gang go to Toria's spooky family home for a practice exercise in which Sara must come out to Toria's parents. Toria is forced to face her own fears, and Jamie and Justine share an intimate moment.

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In-Depth Episode Synopsis

Warning: the below synopsis may contain spoilers

Determined to get Sara fully prepped for her parents' visit, Toria takes her, Justine and Jamie to her own parents' stately home in the country to give Sara a trial run at coming out.

Welcomed with open arms by Toria's eccentric family - her mother (Frances), father (Humphrey) and elderly grandmother (Sozzie) - Sara and her friends learn that the spooky, historical house is the family business, which Toria is set to inherit. With the company quizzing her on her love life though, it isn't long before Sara cracks and successfully admits to everyone that she's gay.

Thankfully, Toria's family are thrilled by her proclamation, but wrongly assume that she and Toria are an item, which to Sara's surprise, Toria happily goes along with.

Meanwhile, Jamie and Justine share an uncharacteristically intimate moment after a few too many glasses of wine. Will their indiscretions have ramifications down the line?

First Broadcast Details

Tue 26th March 2013
0.79 million viewers (4.2% audience share)
30 minutes

Main Repeats

  • Tue 26th Mar 2013 (10:00pm, BBC HD)

Episode 1.5 Cast & Crew

Regular Cast
Sue Perkins ... Sara Ford
Joanna Scanlan ... Toria
Nicola Walker ... Justine
Dominic Coleman ... Jamie
Guest Cast
Dawn French ... Frances
June Brown ... Sozzie
Geoffrey McGivern
(as Geoff McGivern)
... Humphrey
Writing Team
Sue Perkins ... Writer
Richard Fee ... Script Editor
Production Team
Natalie Bailey ... Director
Jim Poyser ... Producer
Nicola Shindler ... Exec Producer
Debi Allen ... Exec Producer
Kristian Smith ... Exec Producer
Sue Perkins ... Exec Producer
Andrea Hughes ... Production Design
Sue Perkins ... Composer
Matthew Taylor ... Composer
Peter Hallworth ... Editor

Video Clip From This Episode

Sara and Toria in Bed

Sara and Toria have to share a four-poster bed at Toria's parents house.

Featuring: Sue Perkins (Sara Ford), Joanna Scanlan (Toria), Dawn French (Frances).

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